What I as a CEO Like About the New Easy Redmine 11

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Author:Jan Hlavín, Jan Pop

Hello, my name is Filip Morávek and I am the founder and CEO of Easy Software, the company behind Easy Redmine. For 14 years we have been connecting the world of Redmine with the best project management practices. And the new Easy Redmine 11 is another key milestone on that journey. Let me tell you why.

It is a well-known fact that the work environment greatly affects our productivity. But nowadays it's not just about a nice office or a cozy workplace. The primary setting for work performance in the 21st century is the virtual environment. The smoothness of use, stability, performance, or the connection of individual elements are what influence the amount of work done these days. And that's exactly what the new Easy Redmine delivers.

“The smoothness of use, stability, performance
or the connection of individual elements are what
influence the amount of work done these days.”

From the start, our philosophy has been about streamlining complex projects. This time, we've focused on optimizing your experience with the tool itself: so you can focus on the work and stay in the flow better. At the same time, we've made sure to make your working experience as pleasant as possible with the new version, giving the tool a modern, attractive look and feel.

The new version is the result of a meticulous overhaul: thanks to new technologies, it's faster, more stable, and can keep up with any hectic workflow. The new mobile app makes it more accessible. And thanks to the greater connectivity of the individual elements, everything you need is at your fingertips.

On behalf of the entire team, let me now take you through the main improvements of the new release.

1. New mobile app

As a company’s CEO, I know what it means to be on the move. I'm often shuttling between my house in the country, various meetings, and the office. It's important for me to have all the key information about work in progress at my fingertips without having to pull out my laptop. With the new version, we set out to accommodate the needs of the project managers on the go.

That's why the new version brings a fine-tuned mobile app. It allows you to easily manage your tasks and keeps you up-to-date with the latest project work info wherever you are. Thanks to key features, you can see an overview of tasks and projects, create, edit and comment on tasks, track their time and view time expense statistics.

2. New technologies

Our goal is to integrate project best practices with the latest technologies. That's why I'm very proud to announce that we have taken Easy Redmine a step further technologically. "Eleven" runs on the advanced technologies: we are probably the first Redmine solution running on new Rails 6.1!

3. New interface and smooth experience

As I outlined in the introduction, the working environment greatly affects our performance. That's why we've dressed up Eleven with a new user interface. And because we follow the credo that simplicity is the highest level of complexity, we focused especially on making the entire user experience easier. The new design is overall simpler, clearer, dressed in shades of blue and grey, all with the aim of orienting the user as quickly as possible.

To make the Easy Redmine experience as smooth as possible, we've prepared a better search with dynamic filters. These deliver more accurate results instantly – whether you're searching projects, tasks, or time records. And improved alerts make it even easier to navigate your projects. This means only one thing – instead of a "carpet bombing" of emails with every project detail, you get one regular overview of everything important.

"I could go on and on with the list of innovations and
improvements. But I would hate to keep you from realizing
your projects. I firmly believe that Easy Redmine 11
will be useful for you to bring them to fruition."

Filip Morávek

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