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Jan Řeřicha

Real-time reporting is a term that refers to the practice of collecting and disseminating real-time data to consumers in the world of business intelligence. Managers are provided with the most up-to-date information to make quick decisions even when they are under time constraints. In addition to providing this real-time reporting feature, Redmine offers a variety of add-ons that benefit project managers and businesses in various ways.

With the help of the Easy Redmine project management software, one can achieve project success. Its goal is to raise the overall level of quality of your product development efforts. The Easy Redmine Reporting features lower costs while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Consider the possibility that there is a weapon that can effectively combat time and money issues.

Yes, there is such a thing! The project data held by a company is a valuable resource for them. It is necessary to use the Easy Redmine Reporting Plugin to keep track of your projects and products.

Its advantages are as follows:

Simple To Understand And Unique To Each Person

The optimization of the Easy Redmine real-time reporting system and project tracking based on quality metrics are critical. This feature allows you to monitor everything. It is simple to understand yet unique to each person.

Easy to Follow

You can narrow down the information you need to see with Easy Redmine's completely customizable filtering tools. Because of these tools, it is possible to conduct real-time project analysis& reporting. It has never been easier to keep track of a company's finances, but with the help of Redmine, it has become possible!

Everything Has A Place

Get access to the information you require whenever and from wherever you need it. The reports, infographics, and interactive graphs produced by Easy Redmine are simple to comprehend, enabling you to save time! The most effective weapon against your time and money issues is here – Easy Redmine!


By keeping a close eye on your projects and your team, you can avoid the most common pitfalls in project management. In your work, make use of real-time reporting. Because of this, keeping track of budget overruns and time bottlenecks is much simpler for you to do than before.

Get More Information

It is simple to monitor, evaluate, and improve your projects using Easy Redmine's real-time reporting plugin. It is easier to see bottlenecks in your team's workflow when using a better project list.

Concentrate Your Efforts On The Most Important Issues

Make your material more beneficial to your customers. Filterable, printable with a corporate logo that you may export, individually storable, and searchable. Lists of projects, versions, and files may all benefit from this.

Always Keeping An Eye On The Big Picture

Now, take a look at where your project is at this point. Comparing the progress of this project to that of similar projects is a good idea. Take a look at the results. The Issue Progress Status Bar is a useful tool for tracking the progress of an issue. Real-time reporting comparing it with other reports, and keeping track of your results will benefit your company as a whole.

Cost breakdown structure.

A Lot More Freedom

A high degree of adaptability is required for service-oriented businesses to function properly. Hourly rates are taken into consideration when creating reports with the Reporting Plugin. Budget, project, and individual user information are all available. When hourly rates are individually agreed upon, they become effective.

In A Word - Quite Impressive!

The Easy Redmine Reporting features are flexible, allowing you to scale the tool based on the number of users without any hassle.

Make your job easier and more efficient by acquiring what you need in various ways.

Help With The Dashboard

Dashboards make it simple to keep track of all key performance indicators (KPIs) for a project in one convenient location. Customers will find that many dashboard blocks are readily available to them, making it easier for them to retrieve problem data, monitor project progress, and evaluate plugin-related data.


Features that allow for greater team strength and development without effort.

  • With the appropriate data, you can do more.
  • Increasing task visibility through the use of visual tools and customizable reports
  • The ability to monitor your project's budget in real-time
  • You may easily share information about pertinent projects (PDF, CSV, XLSX)
  • Roles and permissions are used to restrict access.
  • An audit trail to keep track of all the modifications that have been made.

Project budget chart.

Analyzing and optimizing projects is critical.

If something doesn't function well, a tool like Easy Redmine Reporting saves you from dreary and frustrating talks. As a competent project manager, you must have direct knowledge of whether or not things are going according to plan. This is your one opportunity to intervene. Show off your abilities in front of everyone.

A client or investor also receives important project information even if they don't spend much time on it. It is simpler to understand a graphic than a lengthy report Quality, timing, and money constraints are readily apparent. If you want to make sound judgments, this is the only way to do it.

Why Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine plugin that provides real-time reporting capabilities is an excellent solution for those who want to get things done quickly. What are the benefits of using Easy Redmine? Because

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  • Improve efficiency, achieve objectives more quickly, and make your employees happier.
  • It with a significant amount of additional value.

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