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Maximize project performance with Easy Redmine Earned Value Management

8 minutes
Lukáš Beňa

Discover how Easy Redmine Earned Value Management revolutionizes project tracking and team collaboration. With comprehensive tools for forecasting, risk management, and resource allocation, Easy Redmine EVM integrates essential features to streamline project delivery, enhance performance, and reduce overheads. 

Table of contents

How Easy Redmine earned Value Management improves project performance
Performance forecasting solutions
Improved teamwork
Risk reduction
Project health parameter monitoring
Visualize the project completing process
Balanced Resource Management
Versatility and accountability
Why choose Easy Redmine with EVM

How Easy Redmine Earned Value Management improves project performance

Many managers use various tools to improve project performance, such as Gmail and Google meet for communication, Clockify for time monitoring, and Dropbox for file sharing. However, using many technologies to manage tasks makes it difficult for managers to do their jobs and costs the company money.

However, Easy Redmine Earned Value Management provides every feature and extension you need to overview, monitor, and complete projects. Here are some benefits of Easy Redmine EVM to maximize project performance.

Performance forecasting solutions

Making forecasts, educated guesses, or suppositions about potential project outcomes is the practice of forecasting in project management. These project projections are created by analyzing past project data and expected future results.

Predicting potential outcomes, lowering project risk, and improving project success rates are the main goals of forecasting. This entails that you can assess the risks associated with a project, determine its likelihood of success, and pinpoint development opportunities. As a result, project managers are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to foresee resource requirements, project duration, and cost overruns.

Improved teamwork

Project management teams that work together are more effective and productive. Everyone is showcasing their talents, being honest with them, and being willing to accept assistance because they value one another. There will be less conflict and more positive attitudes everywhere.

The staff will become more receptive to providing input as they collaborate, ultimately improving. This is crucial if you frequently work on projects.

Risk reduction

Project managers need to recognize the risks constantly and take the necessary steps to reduce them. For example, neglecting a possible risk might have substantial repercussions and, in extreme circumstances, may lead to the project's failure. Therefore, it's crucial to recognize and assess potential risks that can materialize throughout the project.

Using tools like the Gantt chart and Kanban board, managers may detect hazards using Easy Redmine Earned Value Management (EVM). You can take proper action at the appropriate moment by continuously monitoring the variances. If you fail to create a proper communication and project management process, there will be many problems.

Project risk management tools.

Project risk management tools

Project health parameter monitoring

It is essential to monitor the project status continuously to complete all activities. The aesthetically beautiful reports and dashboards serve as a single truth source, further enhancing Easy Redmine's advantages. In addition, it gives a deeper understanding of whether your team will complete the project on time or delayed with real-time monitoring of the various project stages. For example, reducing risks involved with completing projects would be clear when you can monitor a project's health parameters. As a result, you can develop robust strategies to mitigate those risks.

You have more control over the reports using Easy Redmine EVM since you can quickly create custom reports for your business cases. This is an effective way to find the teams that perform the best and spot any troubling tendencies that require attention. You can get a comprehensive view of the issue at hand and the plan of attack by comparing several reports.

Visualize the project completing process

Clearly defined project planning and work prioritization are necessary for timely completion; it should go without saying. Easy Redmine delivers precise AI forecasts, including anticipated project completion time, along with numerous metrics like cost, scope, and schedule, giving you an advantage over traditional project management.

The business teams can understand the significant milestones, necessary deliverables, and roles before executing by laying out a project completion process. This enables the team members to organize their workload and allocate their time to get the desired results. More significantly, Easy Redmine routinely updates the plans and tracks your project performance versus the baseline.

Project dashboard.

Project dashboard

Balanced Resource Management

Resource management is essential to any project team if you work for a company, are an independent contractor, engage in creative marketing, or offer specialized product services. Regardless of your life, you'll need to manage resources like staff schedules, skilled and unskilled labor, and project and facility budgets.

The time, capacity, and schedule of your staff are some of the most crucial resources. Easy Redmine EVM can assist you with time management with tools for establishing work calendars, Gantt charts, staff scheduling, time tracking, reserving equipment and locations, and resource analysis.

Versatility and accountability

It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the duties allocated to you and your coworkers, the project deadlines, and the project's state as you work on it. This avoids task overlap and encourages communication among staff members working on related initiatives.

By providing an overview of the workflow, Easy Redmine EVM gives access to all significant stakeholders to the project's activities and progress. These systems offer a transparent environment that virtually precludes any bottlenecks by informing everyone of the workloads and deadlines in upstream and downstream processes.

Why choose Easy Redmine with EVM

Easy Redmine, the open-source project management tool, allows managers and team leaders to manage the project on a centralized platform. It completely changes the game regarding organizing work and achieving project goals. Managers can obtain all the essential information from the convenience of their workstation, including the status of a specific task, idle resources, delays, etc. As a result, managers can avoid resource waste by remaining informed about a project's operations and receiving real-time updates. With Easy Redmine, project managers can access tools like WBS, Gantt, Time Tracking, Resource and Task Management, and Earned Value Management. 

Unlock the full potential of your projects with real-time insights and tailored reporting that drive strategic decision-making and operational efficiency. Try Easy Redmine as earned value management software!

Frequently asked questions

What is earned value management?
What are the benefits of using earned value management in project management?

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