CardDAV - Contact synchronization between Easy Redmine and mobile devices


CardDAV - Contact synchronization between Easy Redmine and mobile devices

CardDAV can be enabled in Administration » Settings » General.

Similarly to CalDAV, iOS devices contain this function, Android requires an app:

Enter URL of the application with the following:
[your domain]/carddav/easy_contact

Enter your login info and all your visible contacts in Easy Redmine will be available on your phone.

Be aware that in case of two-way synchronization, deleted contacts from your mobile may result in deletion in Easy Redmine.


Additional information

CardDAV – Easy Redmine contacts can by syncs through the CardDav client-server architecture.

CardDav on Windows platforms:

  • Outlook users may use free of charge synchronization plugin to Outlook allowing to sync meetings between any folder in Outlook (including the one connected to Exchange) and Easy. It also can synchronize Easy Redmine contacts. There are also other commercial solutions.
  • Thunderbird users can use built-in contact which supports CalDav synchronization by default
  • There is no known solution for direct sync for Windows 10 phones. Just one paid application exists, not tested.

CardDav on Apple platforms:

Default Contact manager on all Apple devices natively supports CardDAV

CardDav Android phones:

There are mostly paid apps to download with support CardDav sync.

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