Redmine Installation & Upgrade Wizard

This ruby gem provides you with an easy-to-use wizard for Redmine installations and upgrades. It is applicable (and tested) for custom installations on Linux, Windows and Unix servers.

This is not a manual for installation of Easy Redmine. That can be found here.

Redmine Installation

In order to install new Redmine, you need to have a compiled Ruby and install Redmine installer Ruby Gem. To install this gem use:

Request Redmine Installation Wizard download

$ gem install redmine-installer

For correct running of the Redmine installer, at least 250 MB is required free on the root disc.

When the installer gem is installed in your Ruby, you can run the installation using the following command:

$ redmine install [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT]

[PACKAGE] - Redmine installation package (zip or gz)
[REDMINE_ROOT] - where to install the application

To get help:

$ redmine help
$ redmine help install

Commands for Redmine Installation - from Archive

Supported archives are .zip .tar.gz

$ redmine install [PATH_TO_PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT]
# with environment
$ redmine install [PATH_TO_PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT] --env environment


$ wget
$ redmine install

Commands for Redmine Installation - from GIT

$ redmine install GIT_REPO --source git
# with specific branch
$ redmine install GIT_REPO --source git --branch GIT_BRANCH --env environment


$ redmine install --source git

Example with specific GIT branch:

$ redmine install --source git --branch 3.4-stable

Upgrade of existing Redmine instance

Redmine Installer can upgrade your existing Redmine from archive or git repository. Installed plugins are kept or upgraded if new package contains them.

The upgrade procedure can be saved in a profile for the next upgrade. Profiles are stored in HOME_FOLDER/.redmine-installer-profiles.yml

After running the command for upgrade:

$ redmine upgrade [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT]
# with environment
$ redmine upgrade [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT] --env environment

To get help:

$ redmine help
$ redmine help upgrade

Commands for Redmine Upgrade - from git

$ redmine upgrade --source git
# with environment
$ redmine upgrade --source git --env environment

Command for Redmine Upgrade - from a profile

$ redmine upgrade [PACKAGE] [REDMINE_ROOT] --profile PROFILE_ID

Upgrading with custom modifications

If you are using easyproject plugin and you don't want to copy the client modifications from old instance, use switch


Redmine Backups

There is command to backup the Redmine 

$ redmine backup [REDMINE_ROOT]

Full Tutorial for the Redmine Installer & Upgrader

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