Redmine VirtualBox

Complete Redmine VirtualBox image is available for download. Provided VirtualBox image contains complete server environment optimized for the Best Redmine performance. Easy Redmine VirtualBox with the same configuration is also an installation option.

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VirtualBox Redmine image contains:

  • rvm         1.27
  • unicorn  5.1.0
  • nginx      1.6.2
  • ruby        2.2.4
  • redmine 3.3.0
  • mysql     5.5.52-0+deb8u1
  • Debian  8.1

Access Information:

Redmine user: 

        admin / admin

Linux user:

        root / r0otPwd*

MySQL user:

        root / QhAKtwCLGW

How to run the VirtualBox image?

  1. Create new virtual machine - Linux Debian (64 bit)
  2. Set memory size to 2048 MB
  3. Choose and connect downloaded (Easy) Redmine disk image
  4. Create virtual machine set network on Bridged Adapter
  5. Run virtual machine

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