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Easy Redmine introduction

This short video tutorial shows the basic features of Easy Redmine, which comes with key features, such as Gantt Chart and Time Tracking. Easy Redmine has a responsive mobile design and is easily extensible with plugins for Resources, Finances, Agile management, and others. 

Time tracking

Easy Redmine allows you to track time spent on tasks and projects in several ways, including stopwatches and manual input of time on tasks. 

Gantt Chart on project level

Learn how to work with Project Gantt Chart in Easy Redmine. With Gantt Chart you can easily manipulate with your project tasks, schedule them using drag & drop, create new tasks & milestones.

Resource management plugin

Learn how to easily plan the tasks, assign them to the users and manage users' workload. 

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Cashflows in Easy Redmine

Easily track cash flowing in and out of your project using Cashfows plugin. Activate it on your Gantt Chart for a quick overview of planned and actual cashflows over time on a global and project level.

Requirements management in Easy Redmine

Requirements management is useful for technically sophisticated projects where lots of small components and details build a big and impressive product (like a car or a piece of machinery). Simply create artifacts, which represent basic attributes in the requirements' tree structure.

Organization structure in Easy Redmine

Organization structure is a form of a tree hierarchy where every user in the organization, except the top one, is subordinate to a single another user. This arrangement helps define how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are standardly directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. It also determines who is eligible to approve vacation requests submitted by users.

Diagrams in Easy Redmine

Create powerful UML or other diagrams right within your tasks, dashboards, knowledge base, requirements or test scenarios. Edit and update diagrams without need of any other software. alternative is integrated right within Easy Redmine.

PM Integrator in Easy Redmine

PM Integrator is an all-purpose integration tool for Easy Redmine. Most importantly, it can be used to get an online overview of the financial performance of your projects inside your accounting system. Typical examples are hours spent on projects that are used as an input for employee or subcontractors wages, and clear company finance controlling.

Jenkins CI plugin in Easy Redmine

Integrate your Redmine with Jenkins and other CI/CD tools to get continuous integration that will boost your DevOps. Jenkins is a leading open source automation server that supports building, deploying and automating any project. Now fully integrated with your Redmine management platform.


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