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Redmine Learning Centre

Explore, watch and learn to reach higher goals.

Most popular video tutorials

Global Gantt

Try Global Gantt for an overview across all projects. Easily manage your project portfolio and adjust project timing and duration using drag & drop. Learn more in this short video tutorial. 

Time tracking

Easy Redmine allows you to track time spent on tasks and projects in several ways, including stopwatches and manual input of time on tasks. 

Easy Redmine

This short video tutorial shows the basic features of Easy Remine, which comes with key features, such as Gantt Chart and Time Tracking. Easy Remine has a responsive mobile design and is easily extensible with plugins for Resources, Finances, Agile management, and others. 

Training Center for Redmine users

Easy Redmine 30일 무료 체험

사용자 지역에서 일일 백업, SSL 보안, 모든기능 사용