The purpose of the Redmine implementation service is to adapt the software to the clients' projects and processes and deliver maximum value from Easy Redmine. Our consultants are familiar with most frequently used PM methodologies, especially PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2. Each consultant has extensive experience from dozens (even hundreds) of implementations across different industries and company sizes. We always appoint a consultant with relevant experience for your industry; addressed challenges and preferred languages.

There are 2 ways how to get the most from Redmine:

  • Individual Implementation – based on analyses and quote from our consultant
  • Pre-defined service packages – these address the most frequently required services 

Need Help with Redmine Implementation

Advanced and professional Redmine implementations are carried out by:

Stáňa is the most experienced consultant on our team, with close to 10 years of experience. She has experience with implementations in companies of all shapes and sizes. Stáňa has experience in academia, non-profits, and the business sector. She possesses excellent analytical skills and has publications, including examinations of project management according to IPMA.

Speaks: EN
Expert for industry: project management according to IPMA/PMI

Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová - Redmine senior consultant


Klara holds an MSc degree in IT. She has a special interest in and in-depth knowledge of the automotive, production, and software development industries and plenty of experience in large-scale business implementations. She is very analytical in her work and is great at breaking down and explaining any complex feature. 

Speaks: EN, DE, RU, CZ
Expert for plugins: Easy Gantt, Resource management, Imports
Expert for industry: automotive, software development, manufacturing/production

Klára Zamazalová Redmine Consultant


Lilia is one of our most experienced Easy Software consultants and has recently taken a position of Scrum Master. She has in-depth knowledge of all complex settings and often serves as our internal consultant. Lilia holds a degree in IT and at the moment concentrates more on custom product development.

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
Expert for industry: software development, manufacturing, finance
Expert for plugins: Agile, Scrum, CRM, Help Desk, Resource Management, Finance, Gantt, Knowledge base, WBS, Repositories, Graphs

Lilia Schmidt - Easy Software


Dagmar has gained vast project management experience in financial corporations. During her Ph.D. studies, she became an expert in data analysis and synthesis. Now, she specializes in solutions for IT companies and research institutions. She enjoys studying specific requirements and bringing efficient solutions to clients.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
Expert for industry: banking, non-profit, services (commerce)
Export for plugins: Gantt, WBS, Resource management, Finance, CRM, Scrum

Dagmar Kusnirova Easy Redmine Consultant


Ludmila is a consultant with extensive experience in marketing operations and sales. Upon completing her studies of economics and management, she gained experience with SAP CRM, Jira, and MS office solutions. She enjoys brainstorming new features with programmers and delivering a solution that best fits client's needs. She prefers to spend her free time in the countryside or attending music concerts and modern art galleries.

Speaks: EN, DE, CZ
Expert for plugins: CRM
Expert for industry: software development

Alena Vejsadova - Redmine consultant


Jan is our international management expert with a master's degree in the field. He specializes in manufacturing companies and has valuable experience in implementation of core project management features, visualization of data and setting of performance indicators. 

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
Expert for plugins: Graphs, Agile, Finance
Expert for industry: education, architecture/construction, manufacturing/production, automotive

Easy Redmine - Jan Řeřicha


Gabriela is our project management expert in engineering industries and software development. She has good knowledge about IPMA/PMI project management techniques and also she is very interested in agile methods. She likes to help clients with integrations of different software in their companies.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
Expert for plugins: Gantt, Resource management, WBS, imports, Help Desk
Expert for industry: architecture/construction, software development, education, government

Easy Redmine - Gabriela Hynková



Eliska is our consultant with vast experience collected across different continents and companies. She has both academic and hands-on experience in project management and financial planning and controlling. Eliska has worked with companies of different sizes and sectors. She enjoys hunting out genuine needs of each customer and looking for unique solutions.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
Expert for plugins: Agile, Finance and reporting, Resource management, Tasks management and workflow, System integration
Expert for industry: Software development, Consulting and outsourcing, Public sector, Non-profit, Education, Services

Eliska Kadubcova - Easy Redmine


Karel has master's degree in Economics and Management along with 10 years of experience in music rights industry. Karel has great analytical skills, always focuses on understanding client's needs and delivering the best solution to suit them.

Speaks: EN, CZ
Expert for industry: software development, education, non-profit

Karel Fořt - Easy Software Ltd.

Individual implementation

Individual implementation meets all your needs and specifics of your organizational structure, responsibilities and processes.

General scope

The final specific scope is always discussed and confirmed during the initial meeting.

  • Analysis of client’s needs based on Implementation questionnaire and proposal for settings of Easy Redmine in Implementation protocol – discussed during online meeting with client
  • Setting of Easy Redmine
  • Online training for users (administrators & management, regular users) + presentation of settings
  • Consultant's support during implementation and testing of Easy Redmine – questions from clients
  • Review of the settings (meeting with client)
  • Handover of Easy Redmine – includes updated Implementation protocol, Handover protocol
  • Support - 2 weeks of VIP support after project handover

System Settings (what can be included)

  • User setting
  • User import
  • Projects creation and setting
  • Projects import
  • Project templates creation
  • General setting of application (name, default trackers, default project modules, default working calendar)
  • Filters creation
  • Default filters setting
  • Users homepages
  • Project overview pages
  • Trackers
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Workflow
  • Activities
  • Setting of custom fields
  • Setting of modules
  • Modules dashboards setting

Typical areas of implementation

Analysis of usage for particular departments/groups of users –> create homepages, create filters, roles and permissions setting, workflow setting, create specific main menu, create tutorials, specific training

Analysis of usage for specific plugins –> create homepage of plugin, create shortcuts, create filters, roles and permissions setting, workflow setting, create tutorials, specific training

Analysis of usage according to specific needs – mostly according to client’s current processes. Necessary to study client’s documentation. Suggestion of setting and usage.


  • Implementation questionnaire
    • sales representative sent to the client
    • fulfilment is necessary to start individual implementation
  • Implementation protocol
    • Description of done/to-be-done settings (scope, dates)
    • Terms and conditions of implementation
    • Preparation for the first meeting by consultant according to implementation questionnaire
    • Agreed on first meeting
  • Handover protocol
    • Includes settings description

Hand over to support

  • Review of the settings with client
  • 2 weeks of VIP support after project handover

Pre-defined packages

Pre-defined packages serve clients which expect to configure the system mostly by their own resources but want to be sure about the success of the project and getting all the power of Easy Redmine.

1. Basic Setup for Redminers (self-implementation)

General: Package for Redmine users who are upgrading their Redmine server to Easy Redmine

  • Scope: Understanding differences and enhancing Productivity/efficiency of usage
  • Includes:
    • E-learning about differences between Redmine and Easy Redmine and E-learning about Easy Redmine's specific functions configuration
    • 2 hours on-line consultations focused on Editable Home Pages (users, projects, plugins), Menu, User Types and Easy Query; Creating one Home Page for a specific role.

2. Basic Setup for NON-Redminers (self-implementation)

General: Basic self-configuration for non-Redmine users

  • Scope: Basic self-configuration (thanks to E-learning) and enhancing productivity (thanks to consultation)
  • Includes:
    • E-learning for step-by-step configuration; Users, roles, project settings, workflow, homepages, filters.
    • 5 hours consultations (Passing e-learning test is obligatory to engage with consultants): Entry consultations; configuration support; review setting, creating one Home Page for a specific role.

3. Professional Implementation (10 hours)

General: Package for users who want to receive the Easy Redmine adjusted by professionals

  • Scope: the essential setting of Easy Redmine so you can start to work immediately!
  • Includes:
    • 10 hours consultations
    • Permissions divided into three roles
    • Set the users
    • Up to two trackers by type of tasks
    • Set the statuses of tasks and workflow
    • Several basic custom fields
    • Default filters adjusted to your needs
    • Three users dashboards

4. Professional Implementation (30 hours)

General: Package for users who want to increase effectivity their projects and users by optimal setting of Easy Redmine

  • Scope: a complete setting of Easy Redmine to support your internal processes and to make your business smoothly flow!
  • Includes:
    • 30 hours consultations
    • Permissions
    • Users
    • Roles
    • Trackers
    • Set the statuses of tasks and workflow
    • Custom fields according to your needs
    • Default filters adjusted to your needs
    • Filters necessary for your reporting
    • Users dashboards
    • Project dashboards
    • KPI dashboards

5. Professional Implementation (50 hours)

General: Package for exacting users who want to get the best customisation

  • Scope: Complete setting of Easy Redmine according to all needs of your departments and divisions
  • Includes:
    • 50 hours consultations
    • Permissions
    • Users
    • Roles
    • Trackers
    • Set the statuses of tasks and workflow
    • Project structure according to product, departments or divisions
    • All necessary custom fields
    • Default filters adjusted to your needs
    • Filters necessary for your reporting
    • Users dashboards
    • Project dashboards
    • KPI dashboards
    • Departments/divisions dashboards

6. Resource Management Implementation (5 hours)

General: Setting up Resource Planning and Resource Dashboard

  • Scope: Resource Management configuration and best practices
  • Includes:
    • E-learning about Resource Management and Attendance Management configuration
    • 5 hours consultations: Entry consultations - analyses and recommendation; important dependencies, setting-up Resource Management settings, configuring filters (max. 5); configuring Resource dashboard (focused on modules explanation)

7. Help Desk Implementation (20 hours)

General: Setting up Help-Desk

  • Scope: Help-Desk implementation (basic PM as pre-requisite)
  • Includes:
    • E-learning about Help-Desk and Alerts, Easy Buttons
    • 20 hours consultations: Analyses. Configuration, Training, Productivity - Setting-up Home Page for HD operator and HD Manager, Setting-up general HD dashboard, setting up Easy Buttons, Filters (max. 5)

8. CRM Implementation (20 hours)

General: Setting up CRM

  • Scope: CRM implementation (basic PM as pre-requisite)
  • Includes:
    • E-learning about CRM, Contacts
    • 20 hours consultations: Analyses. Configuration, Training, Productivity - Setting up general CRM dashboard, setting-up homepage for Account Managers and Sales Director, Filters (max. 5)

9. Custom Scope Implementation

If you need a custom offer, leave us your contact and our sales staff will get back to you shortly.

Request Custom Offer

Optimization service (existing customers only)

This package brings to existing customer consultations and actual resetting of Easy Redmine to achieve maximum efficiency in usage of Easy Redmine. Client shall experience reduction of time spent in the system for all workers and better data presentation in existing system

Scope: Scope may vary depending on actual customer usage and processes. Maximum hour donation in the package 8hours.


  • review general dashboards settings
  • improve graphical outputs of data
  • optimize frequent actions
  • refiltering and much more
  • introduction of new features that you might overlook

As a result, you get:

  • faster app and thus faster delivery of projects
  • reduction of time spent in the system for all workers
  • better data presentation in existing system
  • the most efficient setting that is tailor-fitted to your on-going needs

Request optimization service

General conditions

"- All meetings are delivered through virtual meeting solution. All participants shall attend individually and be equipped with headset."

"- All packages of services have dedicated and fixed number of hours. Easy Software consultant can provide spent time report on request. Exceeding hour donation of service package is subject to additional charge; customer will be notified about spending all hours."

"- If not stated explicitly otherwise, implementation is delivered in English, all documents and written documentation will be delivered in English."

Need Help with Redmine Implementation

General Provisions

1.1. New application versions

We develop and improve the application continuously. New versions are released in the following cycles:

  • A new version is released every three months
  • The development of a new version is frozen one month before its release so that it can be tested
  • Bug fixes are released every 14 days

Your suggestions related to the application development will be implemented in cases where they are beneficial to the majority of our clients and in compliance with our product development strategy. Our goal is to make project management easier.

1.2. Collaboration process

We appreciate open communication. We are entering a mutual process of implementing new software in your company. We believe it is beneficial to both sides if we share important information openly and in time.

The communication may be carried out by email, online meetings, phone calls and personal meetings. For successful completion of the implementation process, mutual communication on operational level is needed. For this reason, each party should react quickly when contacted by the counterparts. We are usually able to react within two working days.

During the implementation the consultant will collaborate with our other internal departments. Resolutions of issues which are not directly related to the implementation will be delivered to you by our support team. If there is a need for an intervention on the client’s server or another server-related consultation the communication will be passed to our server support specialists. If you are not fully satisfied with the work of our support departments during the implementation, please advise your consultant. Your feedback is important to us.

1.3. Prepaid hours and reporting of the spent time

The information on the number of prepaid hours can be found in the introductory table of this protocol. The implementation is usually carried out remotely. If you preferred personal meetings it is possible to arrange them in the Easy Software offices. Should you prefer to arrange meetings at your premises, it is possible to cover the travel expenses from a portions of the prepaid budget (the implementation hours bought) or to pay the travel expenses on the top of the implementation budget. The travel expense rate is 14 CZK/Km. Time of the consultant spent on the journey is already included in this rate.

The spent time reports are typically sent to the client when approximately half of the implementation hours from the prepaid budget is spent and then when the last five hours are left. A consultant provides, separately from the time report, a proposal on how to spend the remaining hours.

The implementation consists of the following phases. The sum of the time spent on each phase is equal to the total prepaid budget of hours.

  • Initial analysis (usually 1-2 hours)
  • Initial online meeting (usually 0.5- 1 hour)
  • Configuration of the application (the work effort depends on the complexity of the requirements on the settings)
  • Training (min 2 – 4 hours)
  • Additional requirements on the configuration
  • Support during the implementation and testing during implementation (emails, phone calls)

Specifically, the following activities are covered by the hours from the prepaid budget:

  • Time of the consultant spent working on your implementation, configuring your application
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Internal consultations of your requirements
  • Required consultations
  • Drawing different scenarios of how to implement your requirements
  • Preparation and updates of the implementation protocol
  • Implementation related meetings and phone calls
  • Training
  • Email communication with the consultant
  • Organization, planning and scheduling the meetings
  • Coordinating internal departments if their involvement is needed (Support, server specialist)
  • Time of the consultant spent on the journey (unless it is paid separately, see the first paragraph)
  • Management of the implementation project
  • If certain system behaviour is reported as a bug but is eventually proven to be correct the time of the consultant spent dealing this request is also covered from the budget
  • Work of server specialists on your server
  • Work of server specialists dealing with your requests

The following activities are not covered by the prepaid budget and hence not paid by the client:

  • Work of the support team
  • Fixing possible bugs

1.4. Increase of the prepaid budget

It is possible to increase the budget of prepaid hours only after your confirmation. The hourly rate is 69 EUR without VAT. An increase to the prepaid budget is usually necessary because of the following reasons:

  • It turns out, after the introductory analysis, that the original estimate of implementation hours was too low. The consultant will provide you with an updated estimate of activities to be done do compete the implementation. This plan will also show which activities in particular need more attention (hours) than originally estimated
  • If you wish to be informed about spent time more often than in paragraph above.
  • It is not possible to implement your requirements in the standard application interface thus a custom development is needed.
  • The support on your server was not taken into consideration for the implementation hours estimate but is nevertheless is required.
  • Additional training is required (which was not accounted for the original estimate)
  • It becomes evident during the implementation process that the number of prepaid hours is not enough to satisfy all your requirements.
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