Speed up your Redmine implementation

Easy Redmine provides a set of complex project management functions that need to be properly implemented. We can help you to get quickly onboard, avoid any extra work and have Easy Redmine customized to suit your needs. Our consultants will adapt Easy Redmine to the unique structure of your projects and make your work as efficient and pleasant as possible.

Ask for implementation

Why go for implementation?

Less time. Less worries.

Our trained consultant helps you set up the system correctly in the shortest possible time.

Quickly onboard

We provide onboarding for new users so that everything runs smoothly from day one.

Customized to your needs

We will help you set everything exactly the way you need to get the most out of Easy Redmine.

We arrange everything from A to Z

  • Recommendation of proven solutions based on your goals
  • Effective online or on-site implementation
  • Professional training (online / on-site)
  • Personal approach of a dedicated consultant

Course of implementation

Implementation is performed individually and in conformity with your wishes – at your site, our site, or online :)

Scope of your implementation

The sales representative or the consultant will help you to determine the extent of the implementation, depending on the complexity of the solution. You will be assigned a consultant who will deal with you from the very start to the final training.

We help in all areas:

  • System setup – no time wasted searching for documentation

  • Process consulting - clarification and optimization of processes in your company

  • Transfer of Waterfall and Agile projects to Easy Redmine - improved project management efficacy

  • End-user training – boosted project productivity

  • Know-how for administrators - your application administrator will gain consultant knowledge and independence in the administration of Easy Redmine

  • Integration analysis - find out if and how your other tools can be integrated

Order an implementation

Implementation packages

Basic implementation

Cloud solution
Essential pricing plan (project, tasks, spent time, permissions)
10 employees


  • Project tree
  • Work organisation
  • Basic roles and user types
  • Basic PM processes
    (planning, executing, control)
  • Focus on Scope, Schedule, Task Management
  • Basic user homepages
  • User onboarding

Advanced implementation

Cloud solution
Business pricing plan (+ resource management, project budgets)
30 employees


  • Advanced PM processes
  • Focus on Scope, Schedule and Budget management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Control - Earned Value Management
  • Department reports
  • Advanced roles & user types hierarchy
  • Extended user homepages
  • Project templates
  • Online admin training

Large implementation

Server solution
Platform pricing plan (+ CRM, HelpDesk)
60 employees


  • Customer segmentation
  • Specific task type scenarios
  • Focus on customized processes for HelpDesk / CRM
  • Complex roles & user types hierarchy
  • Customized user homepages
  • CEO reporting
  • Dashboards for department leaders
  • Online user training

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