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Transferring your full Atlassian stack under one vendor in Easy Redmine: is it possible?

5 minutes
Petr Vávra

Whether you are looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use project management solution, an efficient CRM solution to manage your customer relationships, or reliable business intelligence to make informed decisions in your organization, Easy Redmine has it all under one roof - the Atlassian stack.

The Atlassian stack is popular for project management, but due to the cost, customization, and hosting concerns, companies often shift to alternatives like Easy Redmine. This enterprise open-source solution excels by providing a consolidated, fully integrated stack from a single vendor. This article will take you through the transfer of the whole stack.

Easy Redmine is a robust alternative to the whole stack, including Jira, Confluence, Service Desk, BitBucket, and others. It’s cost-effective too, especially for organizations with less than 500 users.

By transferring the Atlassian stack to Easy Redmine, you gain the advantage of a unified, integrated solution, streamlining your project management processes and simplifying maintenance and upgrades, providing a seamless user experience.

The transition to Easy Redmine is an assisted, meticulous process, including a thorough transition plan, an advanced importing tool, settings in Easy Redmine, and more to ensure a safe, successful, and smooth migration. The Easy Software support and customer success team are always on hand, providing dedicated guidance and assistance throughout the transition.

Confluence alternative: Knowledge Base 2.0

Easy Redmine Knowledge Base 2.0 is a sophisticated knowledge management system suited for Agile environments. It maintains MediaWiki's core structure, categorizes content for easy navigation, and boasts a semantic search feature for improved accuracy. Compliance-ready, it offers key security measures, and customizable appearances, and integrates with LDAP or AD for user management, providing an intuitive interface and flexible user rights management.

Confluence users will be able to transfer their data seamlessly, ensuring a smooth migration with minimal disruption to their existing workflows and processes. This streamlined data transfer also guarantees the integrity and accessibility of their vital information in the new system.

Service desk alternative: Easy Redmine Help Desk

Easy Redmine's Help Desk service seamlessly captures client queries via emails or a user-friendly interface, automatically sorting tickets into relevant projects based on customer, product, or keywords.

Automated email updates keep clients in the loop during ticket resolution, while robust SLA monitoring ensures timely response and problem-solving. Comprehensive yet customizable performance statistics and reports offer crucial insights, aiding strategic decision-making and enhancing overall service efficiency.

This transfer streamlines the handling of customer requests, incidents, and tickets by leveraging Easy Redmine's integrated ticketing system. The transition is designed to be smooth and disruption-free, allowing you to maintain continuity in your operations.

BitBucket alternative: GitLab

While GitLab and Bitbucket offer similar repository management features, GitLab stands out with its open-source version and single DevSecOps platform. Additionally, GitLab provides superior High Availability and avoids potential data loss and performance issues associated with Bitbucket's NFS storage.

Transitioning from BitBucket to GitLab unlocks the full potential of Easy Redmine's offerings. The seamless migration function makes shifting your project's source code repository from BitBucket to the robust GitLab system a formality. This process is designed to be effortless and direct, eliminating the need for manual involvement.

Your full-stack under one vendor

Having a full stack under one vendor, like Easy Redmine, offers several distinct advantages. First, it simplifies the management of all your software tools, eliminating the need for different interfaces and logins. Second, it promotes seamless integration and enhanced interoperability among various tools, boosting productivity and collaboration. Third, it provides a unified support system, reducing confusion and increasing efficiency in resolving issues. Fourth, it can result in cost savings, as bundled services often come with financial benefits. Lastly, it ensures consistency in updates and upgrades, which fosters smooth operations and removes the risk of incompatibility among different software components.

To sum up, Easy Redmine serves as an all-encompassing alternative to the Atlassian stack, offering a unified platform for project management, collaboration, and knowledge management. With tools like Knowledge Base 2.0, efficient Help Desk, and seamless GitLab integration, it simplifies transitions from Jira, Confluence, and BitBucket. The added appeal of open source, cost-effectiveness, and wider hosting options including on-premises deployment, makes Easy Redmine a go-to solution for businesses seeking a consolidated, efficient solution.

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