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Redmine Scrum to Empower Your Agile Software Development

5 minutes
Anna Ogunnusi

Nowadays, organizations around the world use some kind of agile methodology, mainly Scrum board, as the foundation stone of their software development.

Scrum itself, however, does not have to exploit the full potential of the agile approach. What if it was possible to combine all the best project management practices in one place and significantly increase the success and speed of delivery of a project? This is precisely what Easy Redmine is trying to achieve through its project management platform. After the plugin installation, this platform uses the Scrum board and sprints, but then goes one step further and includes other tools to maximize the performance of the entire project team. Here's how to facilitate software development with Easy Redmine.

Redmine agile management methodology

Of course, a Scrum is the most popular and reliable approach to developing software. With Scrum management at its plugin, Easy Redmine lets you develop software solutions with your existing teams. You don’t need to hire more workers because that adds more burdens to your responsibilities. Create software repositories, manage software releases, and set up a central help desk with Easy Redmine to facilitate your project management teams.

Agile board for Scrum & Kanban

Agile board for Scrum & Kanban

Redmine brings more than just agile approach

Easy Redmine brings all the best practices of project management in one place, letting you create visual projects for most efficient management. Break down your projects into easy and achievable tasks with a WBS approach or by converting them into visuals with Gantt Charts.

Redmine mobile project management

Mobile devices rule the modern era, and it is only a disadvantage of any software solution if it does not offer mobile compatibility. Easy Redmine allows you to be on top of your game at all times by allowing you to manage your projects on your mobile. Log in from your mobile, see where the project stands, update tasks for your project management team, and initiate accountability by looking at whether or not your teams have met your set KPIs.

Redmine project management for mobile devices

Redmine project management for mobile devices

Redmine project planning on-the-go

The agile approach requires you to continuously test your product while you are developing it rather than return to it after completion. For this reason, the Agile approach requires a quick understanding of changing roles and assigning tasks to the right people. Easy Redmine simplifies this process by giving you the power to assign roles, plan efficiently and change responsibilities of team members at any given moment. Collect performance data through detailed reports to know instantly how productive your decisions are.

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Redmine quick and visual ticket management

You can't guarantee successful completion of a project unless you take proper feedback from your team members and implement them as you move on. The helpdesk module on Easy Redmine represents the tickets in the system visually allowing you to identify the most important ones with their colors. In addition to that, you can assign those tickets and their resolutions to the right people with a simple drag and drop feature. Double check the people to whom you have assigned the tickets, and make sure they are working on them by looking at the help desk statistics.

You must understand that as a project manager that competition in the software market is tough today. For you to convince people to use your solution, you have to convince them that you are offering them the best. And that achievement of “the best” depends heavily on your project management approach. Optimize your every project with Easy Redmine and make sure you achieve the goals you have set at the start of your development process.

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