Critical path points to tasks that affect the end date of the project

The Critical path is an important project management methodology that was developed in the late 1950s as an effective solution for identifying the critical tasks of the project.

What's new in Easy Redmine version 2016.06

The new official update of Easy Redmine version 2016.06 is released. Let's see what's interesting in there! A number of changes come extraordinarily rich with this update. The complete version changelog is available here.

Resource management 2014 discontinued from version 2016.06

This only concerns clients using Resource management plugin. After the release of Easy Redmine 2016.06, there will only be one official version of Resource management.

What's new in Agile Board 2017

As you might have already noticed, Agile Board plugin has been significantly redesigned since the release of Easy Redmine v2016.05 update. Let's see what's new in the plugin.

Check out new version of Easy Redmine 2016.05

The new official Easy Redmine 2016 release is 2016.05. Compatible Redmine version is 3.3.1. Check out new features! The complete version changelog is available here.

Brand your Easy Redmine

Check out how Easy Redmine with Custom Branding plugin can be simply customized in accordance with your corporate brand design. The plugin is available to purchase in the client zone.

We wish you Happy Holiday Season and New Year...

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped us shape our business. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year to come.


Earned Value Management brings an integrated project management approach

Do you always know whether a project is on schedule? Are the cost spent according to a schedule? When will be a project done? Will it cost the money I planned? Earned Value Management will provide such answers.

Resource Dashboard plugin extends the power of Resource Management

Would you like an ultimate visual overview of all your resources on one-page dashboard? Take just one look on this dashboard and get instant insight about your company/project KPI's and resources.

Introducing new Test Cases Plugin for a Professional Test Management

Keep an eye on your entire product testing process with Easy Redmine. Test Cases plugin gives you such a capability with cost-effective and sophisticated test management.

Mehr als 1400 Unternehmen weltweit arbeiten mit Easy Redmine.

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

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