What's new in Easy Redmine version 2016.07

The new official update of Easy Redmine version 2016.07 is released. Let's see what's interesting in there! The complete version changelog is available here.

A few tips that will help you become the best help desk worker in Redmine

When customers call or write to support, they expect a quick and effective solution to their problem from the client service. Here are some tips to help you become a star of client support in Redmine.

Waterfall vs. Agile: Which methodology to choose for your Redmine projects?

Agile vs. Waterfall - In this blog, I'm going to talk about two project management techniques, their benefits, how they can help you and how to combine them.

How to properly balance planning and creativity in your Redmine project

Is planning a barrier to creativity? What does creativity have in common with planning? To be an effective project manager, you will need to improve your problem-solving skills in order to achieve success with your project.

Redmine Easy Gantt shifts your project planning to perfection

With Easy Gantt for Redmine and Easy Redmine, you have a powerful planning tool in your hands, based on a graphical overview (bar chart) and a schedule of all tasks (issues) that belong either to a given project or globally to all projects.

Ruby version support

The users of server solution of Easy Redmine may have noticed a message on the server during startup of the application: "Support of Ruby version lower than 2.3 will be dropped in 2017."

Redmine Baselines show actual project performance against expectations

An important concept of project management is the baseline or default schedule. This serves as a benchmark for measuring project performance.

The 5 most common mistakes that will derail your projects

No company wants to have its projects derailed from their tracks - plans. Yet it is not possible to monitor the shifting of organizational priorities or the client's failure to deliver a key component, what can be done is to minimize and prevent mistakes.

Kanban for Redmine yes or no? Benefits and costs for project management

With a wealth of project management strategies that aim to optimize your team's workflow, it is difficult to choose the best of them. One strategy to consider is Kanban.

Mehr als 1400 Unternehmen weltweit arbeiten mit Easy Redmine.

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

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