Why Jira Users Are Moving to Redmine

Jira and Redmine are popular project management tools that many businesses rely on to easily sort through different projects and issues. A project management tool helps you create, manage, and modify different projects for different users so that they can complete their tasks without confusion and error.


There are numerous project management platforms online. Different project management tools offer unique features and benefits to their users. In this article, we will discuss why many Jira users are shifting to Redmine. Furthermore, we will understand Redmine and how this tool can help us in performing business tasks.




Jira is a flexible issue tracking and project management tool. This software helps different teams communicate their plans, manage the projects, and track projects. Jira project management tool offers various versions. You can choose the versions depending on your needs and requirements. Initially, Jira's main purpose was to track bugs and problems.




Redmine is also flexible for small and large businesses. This project management tool is written in the Ruby on Rails framework. This platform enables you to create multiple projects, subprojects, track, modify and update the projects. You can also track time for each project and increase efficiency and save time. With Redmine, you have complete control over the roles, users, and multiple databases.


When you Need to Quit Using Jira


Here are some reasons why you need to shift your database from Jira and start using another project management tool:


  • Jira offers you different plans with different features. Sometimes you do not want some features, but you need to pay for it with Jira to purchase that plan. Furthermore, some features that you want are not available in your plan. However, you want a project that offers features that you want.


  • The performance of Jira has decreased, making many businesses shift to other project management tools.


  • When your monthly budget increases and you want to control the budget, you can use a free project management tool with higher performance. Redmine fits amazingly in this category.


  • Jira does not offer proper support to its users. If you feel the same and want to increase your managing tool's efficiency, you can join a platform that provides you complete support.


  • With Jira, you have to pay for every plugin you integrate with your management tool.



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Why Users are Shifting from Jira to Redmine


There isn't a single reason to change your project management tool to Redmine from Jira. Jira is a powerful tool, but teams cannot solve a lot of problems on their own. Moreover, Jira is also confusing sometimes. Similarly, there are many other reasons why people are starting to search for Jira alternatives. However, Redmine is one of the best alternatives for any project management tool. Here are some benefits of Redmine that you should consider before shifting from Jira to Redmine:




Jira is a project management tool charging 7000 dollars every year for one team of fewer than 50 users. This is a lot for small and medium businesses. Large businesses have no problem paying the fee, but small and medium-sized businesses can have trouble coming up with such an amount. On the other hand, Redmine is free to use. Not only that, it is an open-source tool that offers complete access to the source code. So you can download the source code and enhance the tool according to needs.


Complicated Functionality


At the start, you will find Jira perfect for your basic requirements, but as you go deeper into the features and tasks, it grows more complicated. You do not even require so many functionalities, but you will find them in Jira. These additional functionalities confuse many users and managers, and they may seek out alternatives.


That is where Redmine comes in with its flexible and easy-to-understand interface. Once you understand Redmine's workflow, you can easily perform all the tasks and strengthen your team with tracking and time management.


No Dedicated Account Manager


When using project management software, you may encounter numerous new problems. Jira does not provide instant customer support; instead, you need to solve your problems or manage to perform those problems. Redmine has an amazing community and a friendlier support system. Furthermore, with small changes in the features, you will receive immediate updates.


Speed and Performance


Redmine takes over Jira on its performance and speed. However, Jira does not have a speed problem, but the complication it creates for the team slows down the performance. Instead, Redmine is keeping performance and speed to its maximum. Even when there are many users at a time, such as beginners or professionals, performance and speed remain the same.


Features of Redmine


User-Friendly Interface


A user-friendly interface helps your business process work smoothly as users have a better understanding of the platform. Redmine affects productivity and efficiency, as this program is easy to use.


Third-Party Integration


Redmine includes basic tools and activities already built-in. However, you can integrate various third-party plugins and increase efficiency and productivity. For instance, your employees can create invoices and estimations and send your clients in a few clicks. All the information will automatically appear on the template.


Flexible Cloud Hosting


Cloud database systems are highly efficient and cost-effective. Users in multiple locations can access your database and perform activities through Redmine. Furthermore, the cloud offers maximum security and disaster recovery options. Using Redmine's cloud feature, you can log in to the interface through any browser and device.


Multiple Project Management


Redmine is a multi-project management tool. This means that you can create, manage, and modify multiple projects at a time and assign them to your users. Furthermore, you can keep track of all the projects at once.


Flexible Issue Tracking


With an issue tracking system such as Redmine, you can track bugs and solve issues. Furthermore, you can assign those issues to your employees to solve the problems within time. This software reduces cost while increasing the productivity of your tasks and activities.




Jira is amazing software with multiple features. However, many users are finding Redmine more attractive because of its user-centered features. The best part is you do not have to pay for this project management tool. Simply download, install, and start using the software. The migration process from Jira to Redmine is remarkably easy.


Author: Sa Bal


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