Redmine Server Deployment

We know that on-premises Redmine deployment is popular within the community. That's why Easy Software administrators strive to deliver the best server deployments. Get your Easy Redmine on VMware, VirtualBox, or custom installation package for the easiest Redmine upgrade.

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Virtualization - VMware, VirtualBox

This was a natural step right from the beginning of our server solutions venture. The easiest way to deploy Easy Redmine is in our provided virtual machines preconfigured for optimal performance. VMware and VirtualBox compatible machines are provided without extra charge. For a minor fee, we can also provide a Hyper-V machine.

We also released a couple of free versions of VM for the Redmine community, one with clean Redmine, the other with Redmine + our own free plugins (Easy Gantt, Easy WBS).

Redmine installer

Our most used tool to date. When you opt to install Easy Redmine directly to the server, this tool makes it a lot easier. You only run a single command and then follow a wizard. No longer do you need to manually run installations, migrations, rake tasks, gem updates, etc. Redmine installer does it automatically, minimizing the chance of an error.

Redmine installer is also an integral part of our VMs, where you can use it for regular updates.

More info here.

Easy server requirements check

Easy Redmine is dependent on various systems, which is quite normal in this era of integrated technology. To keep the dependencies in order, we have devised a very simple tool that checks the important components on the server. The admin just runs a simple command to find the status of each requirement. This information is important for admin before installation or update, but also for our support staff, who will give you a more informed response to possible issues.

More info here.

Manuals and guidelines

To keep all parts of server environment in a perfect sync requires tons of experience and continues learning about new technologies. For the most crucial configurations and components related to Easy Redmine, we have published instruction manuals and guidelines that assist admins in regular server maintenance.

These include – installation manuals, ruby updating, server configurations, useful commands or common server errors, and more.

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