Complete Redmine VMware image is available for download. It is most professional and easiest way how to deploy Redmine. Provided VMware image is optimized for highest app performance. Easy Redmine VMware with same configuration is also an installation option.

Just request VMware download and then select preferred option:

  • Redmine VMware (pure installation with no extra plugins)
  • Redmine VMware with pre-installed plugins (Easy Gantt + Easy WBS in free versions)
  • Easy Redmine VMware (only after a solution has been purchased)

Request Redmine VMware download


VMware Redmine image contains:

  • rvm         1.27
  • unicorn  5.1.0
  • nginx      1.6.2
  • ruby        2.2.4
  • redmine 3.3.0
  • mysql     5.5.52-0+deb8u1
  • Debian  8.1

VMware Redmine with plugins image contains:

  • rvm         1.27
  • unicorn  5.1.0
  • nginx      1.6.2
  • ruby        2.2.4
  • redmine 3.2.1
  • mysql     5.5.50-0+deb8u1
  • Debian  8.1

Access Information:

Redmine user: 

        admin / admin

Linux user:

        root / r0otPwd*

MySQL user:

        root / QhAKtwCLGW


How to run the VMware image?

  1. Create new virtual machine with Easy Redmine disk image
  2. Settings:
    • memory size on minimal 2048 MB
    • network - Bridged Adapter
  3. Run virtual machine

The image can not be run in ESXi, just regular VMware.

Instructions for Redmine VMware with pre-installed plugins

OS is Debian 8 in 64-bit edition. SSH/SCP is running.

Redmine is running in /home/easy/current

Linux users:

Mysql users:

Redmine user:

Database is empty.


VMware Easy Redmine image contains:

  • rvm         1.27
  • unicorn   5.3.1
  • nginx      1.6.2
  • ruby        2.2.4
  • redmine  3.4.2
  • mysql     5.5.57-0+deb8u1
  • Debian   8.9
Additional information

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