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Why It Is Important for Marketers to Deploy Easy Redmine to Remain Agile

5 minutes
Jakub Ryba

If you are a marketer, it is reasonable not to consider project management as a critical aspect of your work. After all, effectively managing a project requires predictability and guidelines. More often than not, the rigid nature of a typical project management solution does not pair well with the fast-paced, innovative world of marketing.

That said, marketers are increasingly adopting project management principles to increase efficiency and become more agile. For Easy Redmine, marketing teams have gone from being a minor to a key clientele in a remarkably short period.

The need for proper project management solutions among marketers has particularly skyrocketed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Marketers looking to reduce operating costs and remain agile have gained tremendously from using software to structure their approach.

Why is agile marketing so significant?

Put simply, agile marketing implies how readily you can adapt to changing customer behavior. It emphasizes on being open to change, rather than following a set-in-stone plan.

Being agile enables you to capture your audience at the right moment. You are quicker in entering the market, and you base your short-term goals on real-world customer response, rather than traditional marketing development cycles. You also leave enough room to adjust, should the need arise down the road.

Say, for instance, you are a marketer for online content and you are not seeing much engagement. An agile approach can push you to review your analytics, identify underlying gaps, and adapt accordingly.

Another crucial benefit of agile marketing is that it facilitates measurement and tracking. Agile marketing teams continuously run small tests, measure results, and focus on what works. In today’s volatile climate, it can help you to keep your projects constantly updated and relevant to the current state of affairs.

Easy Redmine for Agile Marketing

Agile marketing relies a lot on software solutions. In addition to gathering and analyzing market data, the right project management tools can help you to better allocate your resources, schedule your tasks, and keep your team members up to date.

Here are 3 big ways that Easy Redmine can help you to better meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

1. Measuring results

In the world of agile marketing, results always play a huge part in determining future marketing efforts. The results you get from your campaign this month will very likely influence the form your campaign will take next month, how much you will spend, and the opportunities you will exploit.

The significance of results in shaping an agile marketing strategy indicates that it is paramount to measure and manage them effectively. With Easy Redmine, you can set up a standard for tracking and storing reports and analytics. You can upload different kinds of files and add notes to them so that both plans and results are clear to everyone involved at all times.

2. Managing all the moving parts

When you are working on a campaign with various team members in different roles, the importance of being on the same page is amplified. Things become even more nuanced when you are all working remotely. All these parts and roles need to come together to keep the project in motion.

Fortunately, bringing teams together is a core function of project management tools. Easy Redmine’s agile board can be used with either Scrum or Kanban to provide the right home base, where everyone can keep track of the project and know what is required of them.

You can create individual project workspaces for your biggest campaigns and events and visualize them with dashboards, Gantt charts, and graphs. You can even set up and manage smaller, short-term projects within the larger spaces. That way, you can ensure that every task you take up ties to your end goal.

3. Getting the full picture

Marketing campaigns are projects, and like all other projects, they have budgets, team members and roles, timelines, and targets. Tracking all this information separately can get overwhelmingly cumbersome. Your team will also never get the full view of the campaign.

Easy Redmine is excellent at showing you the full picture. Its quick project planner converts the inputs you give it into a clear map of success and shows you where you are on the map at all times. You can build out milestones with specific tasks and subtasks and track progress as you add new data, or as the tasks move from one team member to another.

Deploy Easy Redmine for Agile Marketing today!

At Easy Redmine, we subscribe to the idea that software can fit cozily into your agile marketing strategy. Sign up today, and equip yourself better in these uncertain times.

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