Redmine financial management - budgets & cash flow & invoicing

Plan & control project budgets! Cash flow forecast will show you what your expected incomes and expenditures are, budget sheet serves for salaries or invoicing and transaction manager keeps track of all transactions with your partners or workers.

Project budgets

Monitor finance on the project level. You can define a project budget plan and expected incomes, expenses, wage expenses and planned profits. Afterwards, you monitor the reality. You can define incomes and expenses, and wage expenses are calculated from the actual time spent and hourly rates. You can also monitor finance of all sub-projects. 

Hourly rates for calculation of wage expenses can be defined per activity, role or user in "Money Settings". Rates can also be set as "internal" or "external", which are later used for  payroll and invoicing sheets

If incomes & expenses are defined in your projects, profit & loss statements of the project portfolio can be easily displayed. Customization of reports via filters & options is also possible.

Cash flow prediction

As you use planned budgets in your projects, you can monitor future cash flows  of the whole project portfolio. It simply shows expected incomes and expenses of your projects in time with sums per month. You can customize this view using filters - just select a particular project.

Payroll and invoicing sheets

If you use budgets with defined hourly rates, internal rates (multiplied by time entries) can be used as payroll sheets.

If you display such a sheet on a project level but apply external rates instead, this report can be used as invoicing sheet .

Any company transaction can be easily recorded in order to monitor employees' finance balance. You can also monitor the balance of your partners and sub-contractors. Each user has a personal account with the actual finance balance and a history of all the transactions.

Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that have already upgraded to Easy Redmine.

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