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Nothing should hold you back. Not even Jira.

4 minutes
Jakub Ryba

Did you end up tying your coffee breaks to reloading or starting up JIRA because it just takes so long? While the coffee is nice, the frustration is not – especially when you are under time pressure and you need to deliver.

For as long as Jira has been around, there has been one particular complaint from Jira users reappearing year after year – its performance is very slow. And on top of it, it isn’t easy to determine the exact cause. Even if you ignore the configuration and focus on the system itself, there are still many places to check to know what is causing Jira to perform slowly.

Does the problem connect to Heap Memory, the File system, or is it an overloaded CPU? Or does it come from outdated hardware and software, a lack of resources, or a large number of users accessing the system simultaneously? To solve these performance issues you need to be quite an expert and still, it leads to great time loss. Whatever the cause, slow software is a big issue that leads to no good.

Decrease in productivity and missed deadlines

Delayed response time means it takes longer for users to access the information they need, update tasks, or create new ones. This can lead to delays in completing projects and meeting deadlines. As slow performance is usually a recurrent issue, team members also spend a significant amount of time trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem, which ultimately leads to a loss of productivity.

Frustration and loss of focus

Slow performance and difficulty to keep up with changes can easily disrupt the workflow of users, causing them to lose focus and become less productive. The more it requires the more users become frustrated and less motivated to work and use the tool. This affects engagement, decreases productivity, and can bring feelings of demotivation.

Problems with communication and coordination

Users rely on their software to quickly view and update the status of tasks, assign tasks to team members, and leave comments for other team members – therefore it is crucial that the tool is fast and reliable. When team members have to wait for it to load before they can view or update tasks, it doesn't “just” slow down the pace of the team's work. Additionally, if comments or other updates are not loaded quickly, team members aren't aware of important information or decisions that were made, leading to confusion and miscommunication.

Solution to work faster

Meet Easy Redmine – an adaptable project management solution that provides all the features and benefits you know from Jira with a focus on speed and efficiency.

To reach the fastest response time possible, Easy Redmine runs on the most advanced technologies – Ruby 3.0, Rails 6, and Sidekiq among others. And so, it can easily keep up with you while processing large amounts of data within projects or tasks. On top of that, when searching for tasks, the results display quickly thanks to Dynamic Filters.

Not only it works faster – and thus so do you and your teams – but it also brings smart tools and solutions to speed up your work process, such as:

  • Waterfall projects– Managing Waterfall projects and Agile projects in one system is Easy Redmine's expertise. It works perfectly together supplementarily, without conflict. As a result, different teams with different needs can truly collaborate on one platform, and management benefits from platform data.
  • Agile resource management– Enables planning the agile way, especially SCRUM teams, and planning capacities over multiple waterfall projects.
  • Finance management– A way to easily work with project budgets, understand cost work, and much more.
  • Advanced tools– tools such as WBS for quick project planning by breaking projects down into smaller issues or MindMaps which brings an effective way of working with thoughts, ideas, and notes integrated into Project management.

Altogether, Easy Redmine is the perfect solution for fast and efficient project management work. It is a solution that helps you save time and gives you 100% support whenever you need it. The next time you get frustrated waiting for JIRA's response visit our website and try Easy Redmine in a free 30-day trial.

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