Pros and cons of open-source project management tool

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Adéla Sýkorová

Open-source software has been gaining popularity as a reliable solution for project management. With its access to the source code, users can modify the software to fit their specific needs.

In 2020, the European Commission released a document titled "Communication to the Commission Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023 Think Open." The document recognizes the importance of open source software and highlights its potential to support innovation and digital transformation. It encourages the use of open-source software in public administrations, particularly for ensuring data privacy and security.

Now it’s time to explore pros and cons of open source project management tools. Let’s have a look how it can assist in making right decisions regarding project management software.

Advantages of open-source software

Access to the source code

One of the most significant advantages of open-source software is the access to the source code. With open-source software, users have complete access to the code that powers the software. This means that they can use, distribute, and modify the software according to their specific needs. With proprietary software, on the other hand, users are limited in their ability to customize the software to meet their needs.

With Easy Redmine, users can customize the software to meet their project management requirements. This level of control is not available with proprietary software, which often limits users' ability to customize the software to their needs. The ability to modify the software also allows organizations to create customized workflows and processes, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Transparency and security

Another key benefit of open-source software is the increased transparency and security it provides. The source code of open-source software is available to all users, which means that the software's safety and security can be verified. This level of transparency is not possible with proprietary software, where users have to rely on the vendor's word for the security of the software.

Compatibility with different platforms and systems

Compatibility with different platforms and systems is another significant advantage of open-source software. Easy Redmine is designed to work with a range of systems and platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it a versatile solution for project management. This versatility allows organizations to choose the operating system and hardware that best suits their needs, without being limited to specific vendors or systems.

The ability to integrate with existing systems easily is essential in today's interconnected world, and Easy Redmine provides users with that flexibility. Organizations can integrate Easy Redmine with other tools and systems, such as CRM software or accounting software, to create a seamless workflow. The ability to integrate with other tools and systems also allows organizations to customize the software to their specific needs, further increasing productivity and efficiency.

Disadvantages of open-source software

Open-source software has many benefits, but it's not without its drawbacks. One of the main concerns is the limited or no technical support that is often provided. This can be a real challenge for users and companies, especially those who are not technically savvy. However, with Easy Redmine, users can rest assured that they will have access to excellent support.

Technical support

For open-source software, the quality of support varies. In the case of technical problems, it can happen that their solution requires an expert and it is not always easy to find him quickly.

That won't happen to you with Easy Redmine. Easy Redmine's support team is dedicated to helping users with any technical issues they may encounter. Whether it's a simple question or a more complex problem, the team is always available to assist users. This level of support is not common in the open-source software world and is a significant advantage for Easy Redmine users.

Lack of documentation

Another disadvantage of open-source software is the lack of official documentation and user manuals. This can make it difficult for users to get started with the software and can lead to frustration and confusion. 

However, this is not an issue with Easy Redmine. The software comes with comprehensive documentation and training resources, including a training center that offers courses on project management best practices. The courses are designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, so even those who are new to project management can quickly get up to speed.


Finally, lower adoption rates in some industries or markets can be a significant drawback for open-source software. This is because it can be more challenging to find support or resources, which can be a barrier to adoption. However, this is not a concern with Easy Redmine.

The team behind Easy Redmine is constantly innovating the tool and moving with the market. This means that the software is always up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, making it an ideal choice for users across industries. As a result, Easy Redmine is becoming an increasingly popular choice for project management in various markets.


In light of the advantages and disadvantages discussed in this article, it's clear that open-source software has a lot to offer project management teams. With Easy Redmine, these disadvantages are not a concern. Users have access to excellent technical support, comprehensive documentation and training resources, and a tool that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of users across industries. 

In fact, even the German government has recognized the value of Easy Redmine, using it to streamline its project management processes and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, the European Commission's OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE STRATEGY 2020 – 2023. Think Open document recommends the use of open-source software, particularly for ensuring data privacy and security, making Easy Redmine an appropriate solution for various industries and markets.

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