Release notes for version: 12.4.0

Technological stack

This section is important for Server solution. Cloud users need not worry about any of this.

  • OS: Debian 10 or 11 on amd64 architecture
  • Redmine: upgradable from version 5.0.2
  • Ruby: 3.1.2
  • Bundler: 2.3.7+
  • Rubygems: 3.3.x
  • Database: Percona/MySQL 8.x
  • redis-server: 5+
  • NodeJS: 18.8

If upgrading from version 11 or lower, please refer to release notes for 12.0 and other 12.x versions as well.

Private attachments on task

How it works

Role => User must have permission to add/read private comments on tasks. When user adds a comment which is marked as private, the attachments added as a part of this update will also be marked as private => visible only to users with permission to view private comments.

Warning: If you leave the comment empty and only check the private box, the attachment will NOT be marked as private. A private comment must contain some text, otherwise it is not a comment.

Help desk / CRM - Reports above tickets with data from accounts

One task (or support ticket) has unlimited number of related accounts => it was not possible to filter or make report of tickets based on information from related account.

Introducing feature - primary account. The first account related to the ticket automatically becomes primary. Based on data from primary account it is possible to make various reports above tickets.

Primary account is highlighted in bold on the ticket detail.

You can manually change set any other related account as primary by clicking the star.

On task list, you are able to view columns and group by data from the primary account.

GitLab integration - merge request or pipeline triggers for tasks

Define automatic action on task, based on state of merge request or pipeline. The configuration is in item Triggers.

For example, when merge request is merged, task will be automatically closed and assigned to the author.

Croatian removed

Croatian has been removed from UI due to unsatisfiable and missing translations.

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