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Release notes for version: 11plus.6.0

Technological stack

This section is important for Server solution. Cloud users need not worry about any of this.

  • OS: Debian 10 or 11 on amd64 architecture
  • Redmine: upgradable from version 4.2.5
  • Ruby: 2.7.x
  • Bundler: 2.2.x
  • Rubygems: 3.3.x
  • Database: Percona/MySQL 5.7+
  • redis-server: 5+
  • NodeJS: 14.16

Please note the Rubygems version. Using a different one will cause issues especially with JS components. If you have a different one, please upgrade or contact support.

Text editor - font and background color

The text editor now contains coloring. Due to the application's various themes, we selected colors with enough contrast to be readable both in standard (light) and in dark themes.

Fields Test cases, Test plans, Related artifacts configurable in tracker settings

Another batch of task fields that were previously hardcoded, and now can be disabled in trackers were not necessary.

  • Test cases, Test plans - are visible on task if the module Test cases is enabled on project AND if the fields are enabled on the tracker
  • Related artifacts - are visible if module Requirements is enabled on the project AND if the field is enabled on the tracker

We recommnend to actively disable these fields on trackers where they are not relevant. Your users will be grateful for a simpler task detail.

Other changes

As always there are smaller changes listed in the changelog.

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