Release notes for version: 11plus.3.0

Technological stack

This section is important for Server solution. Cloud users need not worry about any of this.

  • OS: Debian 10 or 11 on amd64 architecture
  • Redmine: 5.0.0.easy (upgradable from Redmine 4.2.3)
  • Ruby: 2.7.x
  • Bundler: 2.2.x
  • Database: Percona/MySQL 5.7+
  • redis-server: 5+
  • NodeJS: 14.16 (LTS)

Ruby 2.6 is going to be dropped by Easy Redmine in the near future. We recommend upgrading to 2.7 without unnecessary delay.

User mentions improvement

Mention in task comments now searches through first and last name (and email). Previously it only searched through login name.

Search partial phrases without "*"

In relation to change in version 11plus.2.0, the setting in search administration was removed => this feature is always active.

Filter management - changes

Starting with a cosmetic change in administration.

  • Change of icon in Saved filters management
  • Changed title Filter settings -> Default filters

The bigger changes are in Admin >> Saved filters management

From user feedback we identified that the duplicite settings are not well understood. Analysis showed that they are used very rarely. We therefore decided to remove such settigs. We are listing them with a workaround.

  • Removed selection/setting for Default filters - set one of the saved filter as default.
    Workaround: Not needed, just go to Admin >> Default filters
  • Removed setting Add setting for roles - this allowed to set different default filter for different roles. Due to multiple roles possible roles for each user, the behavior was not really predictable.
    Prepare a saved filter which is Tagged in heading and which is visible only for the given roles.
    Filters documentation is here.
  • Remove columns
    - Is used as default filter?
    - Default for roles
    Since the features are removed, there is no reason to have the columns.

CRM entities import

For the purposes of smoother migration to the new B2B CRM, we prepared CSV importers for entities:

  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Personal contact

With any questions about migration to B2B CRM, contact your account manager, consultant or support.

Activity feed - hide button

New button in activity feed to hide particular items.

Removed unmaintained languages

Some localisations were relicts from Redmine, were not maintained and missing lots of texts. As a result, there you would see some localized application texts, but others would be fallen back to English. Until we decide to really maintain those localisations, we decided to remove them from UI and, in fact, the code, to not seem as false promises.

These are the concerned languages:

  • albanian
  • dansk
  • finnish
  • georgian
  • hebrew
  • macedonian
  • norwegian
  • portugese (pt)
    NOTE: pt-br is kept and maintained
  • romanian
  • serbian
  • serbian cyrilic
  • slovene
  • svenska
  • traditional chinese

If you used one of these localisations, you will be automatically switched to English. We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience.

Removed full screen button on calendar from top menu

There was an unnecessary and unstable button on calendar widget from top menu, which was removed.

Full screen of calendar can be easily achieved from Calendar on your home page (as page module). This solution is stable and will be maintained

Removed slow user listings on certain pages

On pages /budgetsheet and /easy_attendances in the right sidebar, we removed Workers' sheets and Attendance by users. These were obsolete (=slow) listings of users and have numerous substitutions, for example, global filters on budget/attandance overview.

Removed page module for Easy Buttons

Easy Buttons page module (drop-zones) was removed. This page module became obsolete when drag and drop on tasks from list was deprecated.

Functionality of Easy buttons still remains on task detail.

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