Release notes for version: 10.3.x


Email notifications for last assignee
Project list - sorting and grouping by status
Logging time for other users - project selection
Specific permissions settings replaced in roles and permission settings
DMS - download vs show

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.3.

Underlining Redmine version: 4.1.1
Recommended Ruby version: 2.6.5

Minor changes are listed in changelog.

Email notifications for last assignee

Based on users' feedback we have added option to control whether to receive notifications from tasks, where the user has been last assignee before the current assignee.

How it works

Previously, the behaviour was hardcoded. With the notification setting on user profile Where I am assignee, author or coworker you would also receive notifications if you were the last assignee.

From version 10.3, you can choose to disable emails if you were last assignee.

There is also a global setting (Administration >> Settings >> Users) where you can set the default state.

Project list - sorting and grouping by status

  1. It is now possible to sort project list by status
  2. You can also group project list by status (or user for X axis in charts)

Logging time for other users - project selection

You are logging time for other users. Whenever you change the user in the selection, the project will also switch to that where the selected user last logged time.

When you select other user in the log time form, the selected project will not be changed.

This change was done to remove unpredictable behaviour, that projects would be selected seemingly randomly. While technically it creates a bit of inconsistency, we decided for it based on improved predictability, thus user experience.

Specific permissions settings replaced in roles and permission settings

In a general review of roles and permission settings, we have started with some logical changes where the permissions would be replaced into more relevant sections. For example, Change selected activity for a task has been moved from Project permissions to Task tracking section. In case you are missing some permissions from where you usually saw them, please use CTRL+F feature on your browser to locate them.

Some further changes may come in the next versions. The most interesting one will be added explanatory texts next to each permission to help admins set the correct ones.

DMS - download vs show

Another issue of predictability - previously, when you clicked on Download in the context menu in of a file DMS, it would sometimes open it in the browser. Now, this button will always trigger download into your device.

By clicking on the name of the file, it may open it in the browser if it is a picture with less kB, or a PDF file.

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