Release notes for version: 10.11.x

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.11.

Underlining Redmine version: 4.1.1
Recommended Ruby version: 2.6.x

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Like the previous ones, this version again contains stabilizing changes, nothing disruptive. Major changes are being prepared for the next major version that will arrive in spring.

Edit meeting - different email subject

Email notification generated from meetings has been changed if comes from updated meeting, as oposed to a newly created meeting.

Test cases - in project templates

Test cases are now saved with project templates. Another time saver for your development projects in a usual structure.

Printing project overview - project team spread to 4 columns


When exporting project overview page via print (CTRL + P), the module Project team was just a long list.


To make it a bit more compact, the project team is exported in 4 columns.

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