Release notes for version: 10.10.x

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.10.

Underlining Redmine version: 4.1.1
Recommended Ruby version: 2.6.x

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Database and upload size visible in app

Administrators can now see information about database size and volume of uploaded attachments in /admin/info page.

ℹ Did you know that on standard cloud the upload is limited to 50 GB? If you are approaching this limit, please consider moving to private cloud, which in addition to higher uploads limit offers other advantages, as well.

Scrum board - switch sprints

Next to the existing option of searching for a different sprint in the dropdown selection, you can now also move to previous/next sprint


Stay tuned for version 11

At this point, we are changing the 10 series with only minor tweaks and focusing on stabilizing it for its LTS phase.

Version 11, on the other hand, will introduce major upgrades.

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