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Release notes for version: 10.10.3

Please read before upgrading to platform version 10.10.3.

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

A meeting invitation sent to a locked (non-visible) user leads to an error

A JS error appears when a locked (invisible) user opens a meeting in the Scheduler through a meeting invitation.

Fixed. Meeting invitations are no longer sent to locked (non-visible) users.

CTRL+P (print) feature issues on tasks

1) If a user wanted to view and print the Spent Time column in the task list, the total spent time information was displayed outside the column.
2) When printing a task overview, all the basic fields were moved to the left column, but the Created field as the only one was displayed on the right.
3) If a user only wanted to print Comments on a task, the entire Task history was still displayed. The same was true for other items, for example, if he wanted to print only the Spent time, a table with the Spent time was displayed, but below it was still the entire Task history.

All fixed.

Attendance view not working as expected

A user role with no permission to see attendance records of other users on projects may still see such information.

Fixed. Attendance records of other users on projects are not displayed without proper permissions.

XSS vulnerability in the "DMS" module

The "DMS" module contained a security vulnerability related to cross-site scripting (XSS).


Requirements: Error 500 upon clicking on a project name in the Requirements tree

In the project module Requirements, upon adding an artifact and clicking a project name in the Requirements tree, error 500 was shown.

Fixed. No error.

Syntax highlighting lost upon edit

If a syntax snippet was added to a task, there was a drop-down menu to select keyword highlighting. That worked well. However, if the syntax snippet was later edited (e.g. there was a typo) and saved, the syntax highlighting was lost and the whole snippet turned red. It could be solved by re-loading the page (F5 button).

Fixed. The syntax highlighting remains after editing and saving again.

Attendance over-limit warns even if the limit wasn't reached

In case you're approving attendances in different time periods, attendance over-limit could warn even if the limit wasn't reached.

A manager wants to approve these two entries at once, it counts as a range (30 days), so the attendance in February is over-limit and a warning is displayed, which is wrong because these 2 attendances are within the limit.
- a user has a 2 days limit (attendance activity)
- 1 holiday attendance in January
- 1 holiday attendance in February
- waiting for approval

Fixed. No attendance over-limit warning if not necessary.

Better encoding support when viewing messages

Some message attachments from Outlook didn't display correctly with some encodings.

Fixed. Problematic encodings from Outlook messages display correctly.

Cannot create attendance with 15minute rounding between 11,46pm – 11,59pm

In less than 15 minutes before the end of the day, it was not possible to round or save attendance with 15-minute rounding because 0,00am is already the time of the next day.

Fixed. The time between 11,46pm – 11,59pm is automatically rounded to 11,59pm.

Gantt: "Estimated time" column per project and its sub-projects is not summed up

In the project-level Gantt chart, it was not possible to display the total of defined estimated time spent per project and sub-projects. Instead of the value (number of hours), just "undefined" was shown.

Removed "undefined" from the column "Estimated time" in the project-level Gantt chart. To display the total of defined estimated time spent per project and sub-projects, it is recommended to use the global-level Gantt chart.

Data duplicating when changing sorting

On the Spent time overview (/time_entries), the user-defined sorting criteria were reverted back to default after re-applying the filter setting. Moreover, the issue could lead to a situation with incorrectly displayed data records (duplicating) when the already loaded (visible) data records are sorted by the user-defined sorting criteria while more records are already loaded with the default sorting criteria within the same screen.

Fixed. The user-defined sorting criteria are preserved after re-applying the filter setting.

The Attendance report detail stays hidden

In the Personal Statement, the Attendance report detail stays hidden after opening the page, requiring to open it manually. It is not remembered from the previous session to stay open.

Fixed. The Attendance report detail is remembered from the previous session to stay open.

CRM: The "Add item" button visible even without permission to use it

The button "Add item" on a CRM case detail is visible also for users having no permission to edit CRM cases.

Fixed. The button is hidden for users having no permission to edit CRM cases.

Rails 6.1 - Testing

We've upgraded a major backend part (Rails 6.1), which created some new bugs/inconsistencies that were found in CRM, Task timer, and UX.

Fixed found new bugs/inconsistencies related to the Rails 6.1 upgrade.

Spent time comment format changed after editing the spent time date

When a user wrote some HTML-formatted comment to a spent time record and then changed the date of the spent time, the written text was now displayed as HTML code with tags.

Fixed. The written text remains displayed in HTML formatting after editing the spent time date.

Special visibility on Budgets

There was an issue with the Special visibility feature on the Budgets' custom fields that did not work as per expectations.

Fixed. Special visibility on the Budgets' custom fields works fine.

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