Release notes for version: 07.13

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Text in task details (more/less)

We fixed a bug where pressing the Less button on a task detail reduces only the gray background, but the text remains displayed and is overlaid with the task description text.

Global filters - user - nobody

On the user selection of a global filter, the option '--- Select ---' now works in the same way as "nobody", enabling you to ignore the user field in global filters without the need for removing the field itself.

Total spent time and subtasks

There has been a change when we enabled filtering of spent time by task ID. This caused an issue on parent task when if you clicked on the Total spent time, only the parent was shown because of the task ID filter. Now, when you click on the Total spent time, there are Total spent time for the task and Total spent time for the whole tree (task + all subtasks). And both show correct spent time totals if you click on them.

Pie chart - others group

We fixed some unpleasant issues with "others" group on the pie chart in terms of correct counting and correct order among other groups present. Now it works in the same way as long tail on the bar chart.

Alerts for milestones sent incorrectly

We fixed an issue when alerts regarding milestones were sent when they were not supposed to. Now, alerts for milestones by due date are working correctly (checked both for a specific date and for numbers of dates). Alerts for milestones by saved filters are also working correctly.

It is not possible to sort tasks in My task module

We fixed a bug that made it impossible to sort tasks in My task module on a personalized page. Sorting is now working just as easily as on the standard task list.

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