Release notes for version: 07.12

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

WBS - avatars show always by the task

In WBS, users' avatars are always shown by the assigned tasks, even when avatars are turned off on user's profiles.

Reassign task in RM does not work

In Resource Management, reassigning an already assigned task to another user was not possible due to a bug. When trying to do so, all users appeared red-backlit, thus unable to assign the task. This has been fixed.

Activity - Apply button is not visible

"Apply" button on Activity screen has been functionally fixed and added green background color for better recognition.

Missing padding around avatars

Missing padding around avatars has been added on users' list.

CF filter problem with incorrect decimal point

When filtering a query by a computed custom field's value, decimal numbers have to use a decimal point in the correct form "." instead of ",". When the latter symbol is used, the filter will return "invalid custom field" error. This applies to filters on lists as well as modules on a personalized page.

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