Release notes for version: 07.11

In July, we have released a bigger bug-fixing version than the usual weekly release. It was focused on more difficult, complex bugs and optimizations.

Here are release notes explaining some changes in more detail.

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Task details shown/hidden is remembered

Shown or hidden task details are remembered for each user in localstorage => according to state on the last viewed task.
Before the fix, behaviour of the default state was inconsistent.

Logging Attendance to non-working days

It was previously not possible to log attendance on non-working days when the activity has setting whole/half days as illustrated below.
The fix allows any to log any attendance activity on any day – to keep consistency. But be careful not to waste your vacations on a weekend – just because it is possible doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Distributed task history

Distributed task – the parent task – used to contain irrelevant history (copied from subtasks)
Now this history is removed and only the comment is copied from the subtasks.

Two users updating task the same task – second user uploads an attachment

Situation when two users are updating the same task. The second user (who saves the update second) receives a warning about the previous update done by the first user. Attachment uploaded by the second user is not uploaded and a warning informs that you should reupload the attachment.
Save warning

After that file warning

Now you should reupload the attachment.
In previous versions, there was no warning and the second user may not have realized that the attachment was not uploaded.

Saved filters – extended information

In Administration >> Saved filters management
Column Visible for can now show not only specific roles, but also whether the filter is visible for the author, everyone or user types.

Gantt - Dragging task to closed project

If you try to drag a task to closed project in global gantt, it will not be allowed.
In previous versions, the task would be dropped and it would act as if the changes are saved successfully. But in reality, the task remained in the current project.

Workflow – custom fields permissions – inline edit

Previously you would see pencil button next to a field, even if you were not allowed to change it – per workflow settings.
Now, if you are dissalowed to change the value, you will not see the button.

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