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How we used Scrum to create PM software with Scrum Boards

4 minutes

The need for effective Agile tools, especially Scrum Boards has become increasingly crucial in our Easy Software team. Explore why and how our team has developed its own Scrum Boards to better serve our clients.

Table of contents

Need for speed (and Scrum Boards)
Integrating Scrum Boards into the project management tool
Easy Software at Scrumboards.org podcast
Improvement and results by applying Scrum Boards

Need for speed (and Scrum Boards)

Before adopting Scrum Boards, our team in Easy Software encountered numerous challenges that impeded efficient software development. We have indicated several issues:

  • tracking with Kanban visualization was ineffective, and creating tasks was complex and time-consuming due to the numerous fields required,
  • our backlog management was disorganized,
  • the client feedback process involved a lot of manual transcriptions from paper notes,
  • breaking down large tasks into subtasks was cumbersome.

Our team has concluded that we need a Scrum Board to improve the software development process.

Product Backlog Board in Scrum Boards

Integrating Scrum Boards into the project management tool

In partnership with a certified Scrum Master, Karel Smutný, we have crafted three dedicated Scrum boards, empowering efficient Scrum rituals and optimizing the utilization of Scrum roles.

The key features of Easy Redmine's Scrum tool include the following:

  • Product Backlog Board
  • Sprint Overview Board
  • Team Sprint Board

The outcome was more than positive. We managed to adopt this agile tool into the software development process. To find concrete improvements and to demonstrate the benefits brought by this Agile methodology, read the whole case study about enhancing the delivery phase with Scrum (one of our project management case studies).

Easy Software at Scrum.org podcast

Easy Software was featured in a podcast hosted by Scrum.org. The team, which included CEO Filip Morávek, Product Owner Jan Řeřicha, and already mentioned Professional Scrum Trainer Karel Smutný, shared their journey with Scrum. We discussed how our colleagues have been using Scrum to develop and enhance our project management tool, Easy Redmine.

Listen to the podcast to discover what are the benefits of using Scrum (not just for developers) for management and task management.

Easy Software at Scrum.org podcast

Improvement and results by applying Scrum Boards

Implementing Scrum Boards has had a significant positive impact on our team and project management. Developer and Product Owner satisfaction has markedly improved, as evidenced by our eNPS scores. Key performance metrics in sprint management have shown notable progress. The achievement of sprint goals increased from 60% to 85%.

Furthermore, only 15% of work now carries over to the next sprint, reflecting better planning and execution. Overall, the adoption of Scrum Boards has enhanced collaboration, task management, and team satisfaction.

Try project management software Easy Redmine and its Scrum Boards that play a crucial role in visualizing the project's progress and fostering team collaboration.

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