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Easy Redmine Owner’s Manual Officially Released

2 minutes
Róbert Kováčik

We are happy to present you the final/official version of Easy Redmine Owner's Manual. It includes all important guidelines for the installation and smooth using of Easy Redmine. Feel free to download the PDF document (below) right now.

Download Easy Redmine Owner's Manual


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Easy Redmine has grown from the Redmine community and has been developed to perfection over the course of 10 years, by a dedicated team of Easy Software engineers. Our goal is to make Easy Redmine the best Open Source solution for a complete management system.

You have made the right decision to obtain Easy Redmine. It will help your company run smoother. But, as with all complex systems, there are some initial admin settings to be thought out and configured. Also, regular users may need to learn a thing or two about the application's behavior and logic.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to adapt Easy Redmine quickly and painlessly. The goal of this manual is to get your application into a state where you can start managing real projects with real people in a short amount of time.

You will not find the exact description of every button and setting in the application. That is not the objective of this document. That would require a publication as thick as a law
textbook, which would become obsolete as soon as we release a new version with any midsignificant changeset.

Such detailed documentation is available online in our Knowledge base. Instead, here we focus only on the crucial configurations that have a wide impact on the use of the application.

We wish you good luck with your projects also in 2020!

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