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Release notes for version: 09.00

Please read before upgrading to platform version 09

Underlining Redmine version: 4.1.0
Recommended Ruby version: 2.6

MS EDGE compatibility

On 15. 1. 2020 Microsoft released a new version of their browser Edge, which runs on Chromium engine. This is really great news for Edge users. In case you experience any usability / design issues in Edge, please make sure that you have installed the latest version (Microsoft Edge 79 stable). You will quickly recognize it by the logo.

REST API changes

Status 200 -> 204

Based on Redmine change

On EDIT and DELETE requests, you will newly receive status 204 instead of previous 200. Please verify your API integrations to validate result 204, or 2xx. If you validated by status 200, you need to change it.

Spent time URL

Any operation with spent time / time entries works with new URL.
Previously /time_entries.xml?...
Now /easy_time_entries.xml?

Quick task editor (pop up) upgrades

The quick task editing window has been expanded by useful functionality. It was first introduced in version 08.00 (see previous release notes).

Keyboard shortcuts

When you open the window just hit any of the following keys to edit an attribute or write a comment.

  • "A" - change assignee
  • "S" - change status
  • "C" - add comment

Custom fields

From version 09.00, the window will also show custom fields.

But because there are lots of types of custom fields, not all are compatible with this view, so there will be some minor limitations.

  • Boolean - if your boolean custom field has output dropdown, it will be shown as radio buttons in this window
  • Lookup - read-only, not possible to edit
  • List, Key-value list, User, Milestone - are always shown as dropdown/select, even if you have output set as checkboxes

Gantt and Resource management

This window is integrated into Gantt and Resource management. In Gantt, click on the task in list, or double click on the bar in the chart. In Resource management, click on the task in the list.

Again, because Gantt and Resource management are interactive components, there are changes in task that cannot work properly if allowed. That is the reason for the following limitations.

  • Project - is always read-only. In Gantt, you can change project by drag&drop.
  • Description, related tasks, Comments, Log time, Tags, Cowokers, Custom fields - are saved automatically in the edit window
  • Other changes also have to be confirmed in Gantt or Resource management by the SAVE button.


If you are using Diagrams, they will not be shown in the edit window due to their complexity. However, in the regular task view, they are 100% functional.

Removed non-usable Gantt columns

Due to incorrect or broken view, some columns were removed from Easy Gantt options. All of the removed columns are still available on project- and task lists.

The following columns are no longer available in Gantt view.

Global Gantt

  • Project fields - Description, Last comment, Project comments, Tags, Last updated
  • Custom field types - Address Google maps, Long text, Key/Value list, List, File, Tree values, Lookup, Link
  • Users - Project members

Gantt on project

  • Task fields - Private
  • Project fields - Indicator(Projects), Status(Projects)
  • Custom field types - as above

Resource management - pending absence

When a user requests vacation (or any other attendance that requires approval), and it is still waiting for approval, in resource management you will still be able to allocate tasks on that user and day.

In tooltip, you will see this attendance mentioned, including the pending status.

Removed custom field type File

Long term unresolvable issues with custom field in format File lead to the decision to remove this custom field from Easy Redmine.

Existing custom fields in this format will remain intact - you will not lose any data. But it will not be possible to create new custom fields of this format.

Earned value management upgrade

Earned value management (EVM) has received a major revision of the control and recalculation logic.

No need to create a baseline

Previously it was required that to create a baseline of the project plan to show planned value chart line. You would them compare the actual EVM line with the planned value.

Now you don't have to create a baseline, but use the current project state is possible.

Manually run recalculation

In Adminstration >> Overview of scheduled tasks >> Earned value updater, you can manually run and calculate the new state of project = Actual cost line and Earned value line. And you will compare these lines to the planned value line that was generated when setting up EVM on the project.

The recalculation is done not only for the current day, but applies all past changes on the project as well. That is what the setting Reload constantly does.

If you keep the box unckeched, it will work as previously - on every recalculation only use changes made for the current day.

Chart range

The range of the chart is set by start date and due date + 20% of the project.

It also highlights Today and the Due date

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