Installing Knowledge Base 2.0 on own Server


This article is related to product Knowledge base 2.0, which is described in more detail here.

KB 2.0 is distributed as a Docker image => it requires a skilled server admin with Docker experience.

The manual itself is provided in a maintained and regularly update file included in the "installation package" of KB 2.0.


All the installation is done practically before you actually receive the package with Knowledge base 2.0. Here is just the outline of the steps, which are explained in the README file.

  1. Prepare Docker (in supported version), Docker-compose (in supported version), .env file for docker-compose (example is part of package you receive), Easy Redmine v12 installed including blue_spice plugin, Web server proxy (nginx, apache…)
  2. Prepare a URL for the KB 2.0  instance and configure web server accordingly
  3. Easy Support sends you credentials to docker registry, where you will have accessible Docker images of KB 2.0
    Enter these credentials into the respective file
  4. Run docker-compose
  5. Installation is carried out automatically including secure handshake between ER and KB 2.0


When you feel like updating your KB 2.0 instance, you will practically run the same command, which will replace your previous image with a new one (with the latest available version).

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