HelpDesk evaluation of e-mails

HelpDesk evaluation of emails

This tutorial describes by what criteria and in what order incoming e-mails are sorted into Help Desk projects.

First, the HelpDesk checks the keyword in the e-mail subject.

Second, the HelpDesk checks the mail/domain in the following order:

  1. FROM - complete email
  2. TO - complete email
  3. FROM - look for domain name
  4. TO - look for domain name

Third, Help Desk checks whether the destination address is not a custom address.

Fourth, Help Desks checks the "Default for mailbox" setting.

Fifth, Help Desk tries to find the target project by keyword "Project:".

If each of these criteria fails to find the Help Desk project, the e-mail will not be processed and will end with the "Unable to determine target project" error message.

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