How You Can Install and Configure Redmine

Redmine is open-source project management or issue tracking web application. This software offers many benefits to businesses. This is free software, and the best part is that you can configure the software according to your requirements.


With so many plug-ins, you can make your tasks and business process easy for small and medium-sized businesses. Redmine can perform various functions. We will understand some of those functions in this article.


1. Project Management Application


In a business, multiple projects are open at a time. That can be a challenging and time-consuming task to handle. You need to keep track of time, updates on the projects, documents, etc. If project managers and employees have no proper method to communicate, project management can be complicated. That is why many businesses use Redmine for collaboration and efficiency between teams.


2. Open Source


Redmine is an open-source application, which means that you can view and modify the source code easily or most of the time without any cost. An open-source application such as Redmine offers a secure IT solution with open standards. These applications are reliable and high in quality and performance. You can easily customize the software according to your need and bring new and innovative development to your tasks.


3. Web Application


Redmine is a web-based application that allows you to access the software throughout the globe. It helps different users to log in at the same time from different locations. Furthermore, this software is user-friendly and has the compatibility to run on any device, even mobile phones. Furthermore, you do not have to install any software, so it saves a lot of time.


4. Database Driven


With database applications like Redmine, you can automate your business processes and work through large amounts of data from various sources. This software is user-friendly and provides complete data security. Your business data is essential, and you do not want any data breach to affect your business's productivity and growth.



Tasks Performed by Redmine


Redmine can perform various tasks through an easy and customized web-based, open-source application. Here are some of the benefits of using Redmine for your project management and issue tracking tasks:


1. Multiple Projects Support


Redmine offers you multiple project support through a single platform. It brings efficiency and flexibility to your project management tasks. You and your team can work through priorities and perform all the tasks on time. When you have a platform to manage all the tasks in one place, you save on various expenses and manage time effectively.


2. Role-Based Access Control


When you define access roles, you can control what features and options your employees can view, edit, and modify. For instance, a floor manager can view and manage all the details related to the team. However, a project manager can also manage similar projects. With individual user login for different employees, you can also check their performance. If the employees are having problems managing their projects in time, you can guide them to improve productivity.


3. Issue Tracking


Issue tracking software helps in easing up the communication. You can create different teams and schedule tasks for different employees or teams. This application speeds up the work and avoids unnecessary errors during task management.


4. Time Tracking


Redmine time tracking feature helps you manage the time duration of each project. You can track the time that each employee takes while they perform their tasks. You can check the project’s creation, assigning, and completion date. This way, you can also figure out why any specific project takes more time and how you can make employees work within time.


5. Custom Fields


With custom field options, you can configure various features and implement new ideas for the project. To understand your clients and customers, you need to configure Redmine according to your needs.


6. Wiki/Forum Support


Wiki and Forum support of Redmine helps you understand the application even better and solve your problems. You can also share information with your employees so that they can learn more.


7. User Self-registration Support


Self-registration support helps your employees register themselves through the server. This way, you do not have to register each employee on the system.



Installation of Redmine


  • First, you need to visit the website of Redmine and go to Download

  • Choose the operating system that you use. The options are Unix, Windows, or Mac.

  • Let’s say if you are using Mac, you need to download third-party bundles.

  • Click on the link that says, BitNamiRedmine Stack.

  • The browser will take you to the BitNami website, where you can select the download options.

  • You can select Docker because the set-up of Docker is very impressive. With BitNamiRedmine Stack, you can run a separate server on the cloud for your Redmine.

  • Once you select Docker, you will see the option to install the container at the end of the page. Click on the Getting started option.


Start Redmine by Using Docker Compose


The main folder of Docker includes a file docker-compose.yml. Follow the procedure to run the software. You this code to access:


$ curl -SSL >docker-compose.yml


$ docker-compose up -d


  • Now the Docker is running in the background

  • Type “localhost” in the browser and press enter.

  • After that, you need to sign in.

  • Use the default user name and password:


User Name: user


Password: bitnami1


  • Now you can do projects and create issues


Configuration of Redmine


Follow the steps to configure Redmine:


  • You need to manage your projects and layout.

  • Now add some users

  • Add those users into different groups depending on their tasks.

  • Now set responsibilities and assign roles. This way, only those employees you assigned to specific tasks can view and modify projects.

  • Organize an issue tracking system.

  • Now add custom fields if you want any additional information on the project.

  • Manage the setting according to your requirements

  • Now set administration details, and you are good to go.




Redmine is a user-friendly application that includes various features to help you manage your projects with efficiency and time. This software is free and open-source. That means you can process your business tasks and activities with accuracy with this budget-friendly web application.


Author: Brandi Marcene, Lukáš Beňa



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