Project management in educational institutions

Keep control of your limited resources and
promote collaboration across all departments.

Educational Institutions use Easy Redmine to

Fully utilize time and budget - to continuously do more with less

Easily access instructional resources and track grades

Quickly resolve administrative issues

Create schedules and book classrooms

Manage knowledge both internally and externally

Educational Project Management

Easy Redmine allows you to facilitate communication between staff, students, departments and geographically dispersed campuses. From collaboration to classroom booking and financial control, Easy Redmine is a solution to tackle all your management needs.

Other useful Easy Redmine features


When the budget is tight, utilization of time and cutting out redundancies is key


To keep a tight grip on your budget and cash flows


To effectively utilize resources & staff and prepare multi-project scheduling


To schedule staff meetings & classes and check classroom availability


To store and share lessons learned and historical data

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Calendar or Scheduler? Feature Name Unification

The evolution of the Calendar solution in Easy Redmine resulted in one feature having various names. It is high time to unify it once and for all.

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Redmine as a HelpDesk Tool – What You Should Know
Since the world is progressing, it is only fair for the tech world to keep up. Application developers and tech experts work on different types of software to make life easier for organizations and individuals.
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Redmine as a Web-Based Team Collaboration Tool
Redmine, as an open-source project management tool, has all the features and integrations that encourage team management and make it seamless and efficient. With the help of this tool, a team of developers can more easily keep track of their individual tasks, and also keep tabs on the completion of tasks and projects.
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Case studies of Easy Redmine implementations

Case study how to manage time more effective - MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION - Easy Redmine plugin

Easy Redmine for working time reports






Publishing of learning materials, implementing interactive learning technologies, providing complex learning management systems for Elementary schools. Used by 350,000 students in over 400 schools worldwide.


up to 100

Implementation in:


MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION (MC Education) is the leading e-learning solutions and services provider in Singapore. Easy Redmine helps to manage company (especially time reports) more efficiently and stay ahead of competition.

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SZTAKI switched to Easy Redmine to gain a professional support toolset


Computer Science

Date of implementation:

November 2020


Budapest, Hungary

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

All departments

SZTAKI is a research institute in Hungary that used very limiting Redmine plugins. Soon, there was a need for a single tool that everyone in the company can work with. SZTAKI needed a solution that brings top-level support tools and issues tracking in one single place. That is why they chose Easy Redmine which helped them increase efficiency and service quality.

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