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よくある Redmine インストール・アップデートでのトラブル

Redmine と Easy Redmine はオープンソースであり、プラットフォームに依存しないため、サーバーの構成やソフトウェアのバージョン、プラグインのインストール状況によっては、インストールやアップグレードに問題が生じる場合があります。

You have an error in your SQL syntax

Internal error containing "Permission denied"

I run into 500 error (internal error). What should I do?

My Easy Redmine shows 502 Bad Gateway

[!] There was an error parsing `Gemfile`:

Icons are missing throughout the system

Printing templates do not work

Application uses SSL, but some content uses insecure URLs

Cron not working - Helpdesk emails, Alerts, repeating tasks, etc. are not automatically processed

ExecJS::RuntimeError - Updating Easy Redmine on Windows

Easy Gantt PRO installation on Bitnami

Error RequestURITooLarge

Easy Redmine runs very slow. What to do?

There are no attachments after upgrade?

Attachments cannot be saved

Repository in Easy Redmine is not automatically updated

I can't access the domain of my Easy Redmine through the browser.

No e-mails are sent from Easy Redmine

I can't export to PDF (internal server error)

Easy Redmineの30日間無料トライアルをお試しください