Bitnami Redmine (Windows) upgrade to Easy

This is a guide for those who have Redmine installed on Bitnami for Windows. The guide instructs you how to upgrade your Redmine to Easy Redmine.

0) Before you start

  • Please take into consideration that Bitnami package changes with each version of Redmine therefore something may work differently
  • This guide is tested on the following version: bitnami redmine 2.5.1-1
  • If you need to restart your Bitnami, please make sure Bitnami is really down - sometimes it happens that just another instance of Bitnami is launched
  • Bitnami is generally not recommended for Easy Redmine, because it changes the Redmine code, while Easy requires the standard form
  • We do not provide any guarantee for running Easy Redmine in Bitnami. However, we can provide support for migration into a standardized environment (preinstalled VMware image), more information here

1) General Installation of Bitnami Redmine

1. Download BitNami package from:

2. Install it according to instructions

In practice, it is simple wizard where you need to click "next" "next" and enter your Redmine login/ password

2) Installation of Easy Redmine on existing Bitnami Redmine

1. Copy Easy Redmine package, typically INTO C:/BitNami/redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs

2. Unpack Easy Redmine package, make sure that after unpack you have the "easyproject" folder in your plugins folder

3. Open BitNami cmd (Start > All programs > BitNami Redmine Stack -> "User BitNami Redmince stack" (cmd))

Now you have to install gems specific for Easy Redmine

> delete Gemfile.lock

> run "bundle" with parameters (if there is an error during installation, dependencies are checked)

bundle install --without development test --binstubs --no-deployment

> Migrate your current redmine db to Easy Redmine using Easy Redmine migration script

bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production

> Now you have migrated your redmine to Easy Redmine. You must update your BitNami to work with Easy Redmine. For this use our script (

  1. a) Unpack zip to your BitNami root folder.
  2. b) in BitNami cmd go to BitNami root folder (for example: C:/BitNami)
  3. c) in BitNami cmd run "ruby easy_redmine_bitnami_installer.rb"
  4. d) cmd will ask you for path to your bitnami, so you can enter absolute path or relative path
    Example: C:/BitNami/redmine-2.5.1-1
  5. e) Installer will ask you for some permission and confirmation

After that you can use BitNami Redmine manager tool to restart your Redmine.

If thin server doesn't start, add
gem "thin" into [redmine_root]/Gemfile

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