Release notes for version: 07.17

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Custom field for spent time is not adjustable in all resolutions

Custom fields for spent time are now automatically adjustable in all resolutions, thus eliminating the situation they were too narrow for writing or reading.


Create project template - ID is not valid

We fixed 2 bugs that prevented creating a project template.

  • It was possible to create a custom project ID that contained forbidden characters, e.g. capital letters.
  • When creating a template from the project, the duplicate identity with itself was incorrectly validated, causing the template to not be created.


ER mobile agile display issues

Display fixes of the agile plugin in mobile view. Fixed in version 2019.0.0 (07.06).


[CRM tab of project] Values alignment is different for each column in the "CRM case items" section after adding item

Values alignment was different for each column in the "CRM case items" section after adding an item. We changed the table headings to be aligned accordingly to the content of cells - headings of numerical values such as amount and price were aligned to right.


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