Internal error containing "Permission denied"

You are installing Easy Redmine under user with insufficient permissions and not following our strong recommendation in the instructions.

  1. Correct permissions by commands chgrp and chown according to server settings (eg. chgrp -R www-data public_html)
  2. Run installation again bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production which will clear cache (if you run it by root, it will not be succesful)
  3. Restart server

If you are using virtual machine provided by Easy Software, run under user easy:

sudo chown -R easy /srv/easyredmine/public_html

sudo chgrp -R easy /srv/easyredmine/public_html

cd /srv/easyredmine/public_html

bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production

sudo systemctl restart easy

Remember to set the permissions for all necessary folders.

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