This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins fostering project finance management. In particular, it helps increase project profitability thanks to project budgets, finance statements of project portfolio, cash-flow predictions and easy to use project price calculations. Further, there are payroll sheets and invoicing feature that streamlines project finance processing.

Project budgets and cash-flow

It is Easy Redmine plugin that monitors revenues, costs, payroll costs, and the final profit of the project. Real money entries are in context with the defined plan. Furthermore, there is a profit/loss statement of the projects, cash-flow prediction, and cash-flow history.

Key features:

  • Project budget plan versus budget reality

  • Monitoring of revenues, costs, payroll costs and profit – newly also travel costs and travel costs reimbursements

  • Payroll costs are calculated from time spent, multiplied by hourly rates

  • Definition of hourly rates by roles, activities and members of the project team

  • External and internal hourly rates

  • Cash-flow prediction over the project portfolio

Payroll and invoicing sheets

These are project timesheets multiplied by hourly rates, filtered by users and multiplied by internal rates which results in payroll sheets. When filtered by projects and multiplied by external rates, the outcome is invoicing sheets. Integration with CRM and Contacts Plugins allows sending invoices to a customer directly from Easy Redmine. And of course, everything comes with a definable period of time and branded export into a PDF, XLSX, and CSV.

Key features:

  • Timesheets multiplied by hourly rates

  • Payroll sheets by users

  • Invoicing sheets by projects

  • Complex filtering and settings

  • Integration with CRM and Contacts plugins - complete invoice in just a few clicks

  • Easy reporting and insight into invoices/payrolls

Cash-flow in Gantt chart

To see cash flow in both project and global Easy Gantt, just select Cash flow under the Tools menu. Of course, Cash flow feature is only available when Money plugin is installed in Easy Redmine. Clicking on it adds a new horizontal line to the timeline. This line shows numbers representing the balances of planned incomes and expenses per selected period (day, week, month).

Key features:

  • Shows cash-flow balances straight in the Gantt chart
  • Money module is required to see and edit these balances
  • Balances per individual projects are shown in the respective project bars
  • It shows details per subprojects as well

Project price calculations and quotations

Easy Redmine tool for comprehensive project price calculations and quotations. Price of the project is calculated from the tasks in the project, estimated time for realization and hourly rates. User-defined calculation items such as material, license or anything else are also available. Description of a calculation can be added for quotation purposes and that can be exported with your logo and colors into a PDF.

Key features:

  • Project price calculation from project tasks and their estimated time

  • User-defined calculation items such as material, licenses, etc.

  • Discounts per calculation item and a total discount

  • Export of calculation into a PDF with a logo and colors in a form of a price quotation

  • Transfer of the project price from calculation to project budget

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