This Easy Redmine plugins for agile project management and testing scenarios with Kanban board and Test Cases. It will streamline repetitive testing  processes and implementation of agile methodology.

Agile board for Scrum & Kanban

Agile board is a plugin for Easy Redmine for agile development, known from Scrum and Kanban methodologies, which shows you sprint, backlog, tasks in backlog, and their statuses. The purpose of this extension is to help you with the agile management or implementations of agile methodology into your company.

Key features:

  • Two methodologies: Scrum and Kanban
  • Project backlog for tasks that are not part of the current sprint
  • Drag & drop sprint backlog creation
  • Swim-lane sorting of tasks according to users
  • Unlimited number of sprints
  • Task filters and board search

Test cases

Redmine Test cases plugin is a great tool that helps with repetitive processes and testing stories/scenarios. Therefore, it can be a huge help for IT companies running their tests as well as for other industries, such as automotive industry. It is a complete test management for all testing methodologies.

Key features:

  • Scenario description field

  • Expected results field 

  • CSV import

  • Test case issues executions

  • Related tasks

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