What kind of license does Easy Redmine have?

Easy Redmine is an Open Source software. It is licensed under GNU GPL 2 as stated here. By buying the software you obtain an installable package and the source code.

Server solution versus Cloud - how do these 2 work?

Server solution

The server solution is designed for your own server (you host the software). By purchasing this solution you obtain installable software + the source code.

The server solution includes 3 months of free updates. Updates are available for download in the client zone for which you obtain access after the purchase. Further updates are paid.

Cloud solution

The cloud solution is hosted on servers of Easy Software Ltd. in various locations. Easy Redmine Cloud has 10 geolocations right now and more are coming soon. Please check the map of Easy Redmine cloud here. By purchasing this solution you obtain the right to use the software in the cloud for a defined period of time.

The cloud solution includes software updates for the whole hosted period. 

Switch from Cloud to Server solution? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. If you decide to move to your own servers, we will prepare a complete software package with a database for you.

However, you would have to purchase the Server license for Easy Redmine, since the Cloud solution is just a service. 

It is the same with data from a Trial which you might like to keep after the purchase.

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