Redmine Kanban board

An excellent way to promote improvement

Redmine Kanban board is a scheduling system originally designed for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. It is also a practical inventory control system for supply chains.

  • First Redmine solution on Rails 6
  • Upgradable from all Redmine versions
  • 100% Open Source

Supports a production system as a whole

Kanban board was originally invented for development teams, today is useful for any project manager. Kanban methodology that has evolved beyond IT field can bring transparency and adaptation to any project. With Redmine Kanban you can visualize your project and use drag & drop for update of tasks, milestones, assignee and more. Gain visualization and optimization benefits of Kanban on every project.

The purpose of this extension is to help you with the agile management or implementations of agile methodology into your company. Explore Kanban board in Easy Redmine free trial.

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Features of Redmine Kanban board by Easy

Visualize your project 
Project backlog for tasks 
Drag & drop for update of tasks, milestones, assignee, and more 
Swim-lane sorting of tasks according to various criteria 
Available on every project 
Task filters and board search 
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Kanban board by Easy - your gateway to Easy Redmine


Easy Redmine

Complete & extensible redmine upgrade

Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. Combination of new mobile design with useful plugins & features will make you enjoy your project management, improve communication & user experience and save your time. It is extensible with plugins for Resource, Agile, Finance, CRM, Help Desk and more.

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More features of Redmine Kanban board by Easy

Filter through your Redmine project backlogs

Use filters to easily navigate through project backlogs and assign tasks to Kanban using drag & drop. Carefully compose your backlogs to make sure your Redmine Kanban run smoothly.

Use drag & drop to organize your Redmine sprints

Working with Kanban in Redmine is now really easy, mainly because of the user-friendly drag & drop feature. Simply update Kanban status of task via dragging it into another column (pre-set task statuses - Backlog, Approved, In progress, Review, Done).

Group tasks with swimlanes within Redmine Agile board

Use swimlanes to group task by the user. This feature gives you an instant overview of who is assigned to a certain task. Therefore you are able to manage particular tasks faster than before and improve your Redmine Agile development.

Customizable Redmine Kanban board

Through settings, you can choose necessary columns for the board and select suitable list of task statuses in Redmine. Customize your set up for each project, thus making it more convenient to use in your agile management.

How do users see it?

Vladimir Zarov testifies to Easy Redmine

Vladimir Zharov

Senior Consultant
Awara IT Solutions, Russia

"Easy Redmine met our needs out of the box. The product is feature rich and the price is low compared to products with similar features. We are satisfied with the performance of the product and would not hesitate to choose it again."

Elmar Branch testifies to Easy Redmine

Elmar Branch

Managing Director
Minkenberg Medien GmbH, Germany

"We use Easy Redmine to simplify our work in managing projects. We made a few tweaks ourselves to this Open source application but we are overall very satisfied."

IPMA & PMI standards compatible

SHINE Consulting Ltd.- holder of accreditation of the Project Management Training Program “Project Management in Practice” (International Standard IPMA) and is also a member of the PMI R.E.P. Registered Education Provider. **The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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