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Timesheets made easy

The power of Redmine Timesheet plugin lies in the possibility of batch logging, editing and managing time entries. Do all at once and thus significantly improve project management efficiency!

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Redmine Timesheet plugin

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Features of Redmine Timesheet plugin

Week table for batch time entries to projects or tasks
All time entries created another way are loaded into time sheet
Lock and approval features
Roles and permissions - workers create time sheets, managers approve
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More about features of Redmine Timesheet plugin

Batch/group Timesheet entries

The power of Redmine Timesheet plugin lies in a possibility of batch logging, editing and managing time entries. Do all at once and thus significantly improve project management efficiency!

Redmine Timesheet plugin - edit sheet

Optional Approval Process in Redmine Timesheet

When Redmine Timesheet is ready, it can be locked and sent to managers for approval. Therefore, managers can have an overview of spent time of subordinate workers. This can easily streamline the whole approval process in your time management.

Redmine Timesheet plugin - approved sheet

Redmine Timesheet Reports and Exports

Get instant insight into the time spending thanks to the weekly overview tables; or easily create Redmine Timesheets for advanced exports. Export can serve as resources for your billing or invoicing. Currently available export formats: CSV, XLSX, PDF.

Redmine Timesheet plugin - list

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Elmar Branch
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