Redmine Agile Plugin for Professional Scrum and Kanban

Redmine agile plugin by Easy is all You need for your agile management & development = SCRUM, KANBAN, board, sprints, backlogs, charts, swim-lanes...

What Do Users Say about Redmine AGILE PLUGIN by Easy?


"Thanks to Easy Redmine we can now edit various values according to the requirements of the project agile development. Now we know who is working on what, how long it takes, why something is overdue, where we have free capacity of people and vice versa. We directly obtain relevant data with good predicative ability which streamlines our projects."

Robert Zavacky project management testimonial-CEO-Become Ltd

Redmine Agile Board for SCRUM, KANBAN

It is a complex Redmine board for agile management. There are sprints, backlogs, charts and swim-lanes. First, the sprint backlog is created from the project backlog and then, during stand-up meetings, tasks are moved on the board using a drag & drop feature. Managers then monitor sprint progress in the charts.

Key Features:

  • project backlog contains all the tasks tha t are not in the sprints yet
  • drag & drop sprint backlog creation
  • tasks in the sprint may be sorted by people using swim-lanes
  • unlimited number of sprints
  • task filters and board search
  • board settings on the project level
  • drag & drop assignment of the tasks
  • drag & drop operation with the board

What Does Easy Redmine Agile Management Plugin Look Like?


Advanced Features of Redmine Agile Plugin by Easy


Filter Project Backlogs

Project Backlog by Easy Redmine

Using filters you can easily manipulate through you project backlogs and add them to the backlog of a specific sprint using drag and drop function. Tailor your backlogs to ensure smooth sprints in Redmine.






Swimlanes for Agile Plugin

Easy Redmine Swimlanes for Agile Plugin

Use swimlanes to group task by user. This feature gives you instant overview about who is assigned to a certain task. Therefore you are able to manage particular tasks faster than before and improve your Redmine Agile development.





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Burn Down Chart

Easy Redmine Burn Down Chart

Use burn down chart to get graphical representation of your progress. Using this chart you can clearly see the amount of work left to do compared to remaining time.





Smooth Redmine Agile Sprints

Working with sprints in Redmine is now really easy, mainly because of the user-friendly drag and drop feature. Simply update sprint status of task via dragging it into another column (pre-set task statuses - Sprint Backlog / New / Realization / To Check / Code Review / Done)


Customizable Agile Board Plugin

Through settings you can choose necessary columns for the board and select suitable list of task statuses in Redmine. Customize your set up for each project, thus making it more convenient to use in your agile management.

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What actually is Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine is an Open Source software for complex project management with extensions for resources, finance and customer management. In the cloud or on your own server, all comes with professional implementation and support.

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