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Jira alternative to expanding your portfolio and options

Replacing the full Atlassian stack or running alongside it. Both in the cloud and on-premises.

Why Easy Redmine?

Full stack replacement

Easy Redmine is ready to directly replace Jira software, Service Desk, Confluence and BitBucket.

Committed to on-premises

Open source and on-premises go hand in hand. We are not removing our affordable server solutions.

Experts on migrations

Handled through 100 professionals, partnered companies and self-developed migration tools.

Clear and stable pricing

Price-per-user and no user-tiered licensing to avoid frustrating cost increases for our clients.

What can you expect from us?

Jira Server Alternative

Unlike other vendors, we’ll always give you the option to choose between on-premises and cloud solutions. And by on-premises, we mean a perpetual license for your server usage, and you are in absolute control of your data.

Fast onboarding
Simplified training
Real projects within months
Support along the cooperation

Jira Atlassian is ending Server support by 2024

And is changing its prices for all plans, so it may be the right time to analyze future challenges. What does this mean to your clients?

Need to find a new on-premises

Jira will no longer support Server installations. No updates, bug fixes, or security patches from Atlassian.

Need of data migration to Server

Jira warns about data migration from 9 months and longer. The need of looking for a new server and migrating from Jira to a new project management tool can be a daunting task for many organizations.

Need to replace the whole stack

Many Atlassian customers need to replace not only Jira but also Confluence, Service Desk, and BitBucket. This can make their search for alternatives overwhelming. 

Need to calculate a new the cost

Atlassian decided to leave its clients with two options: go cloud or pay more for extensive tiers started from 500 users in Jira Datacenter. 

Your full Atlassian stack under one vendor

Easy Redmine offers a complete stack replacement:

  • Jira Software to Easy Redmine (all plans)
  • Confluence to Easy Redmine KB 2.0 (module)
  • Service Desk to Easy Redmine Help Desk (module)
  • BitBucket to Easy Redmine GitLab (integration)


Business users


Years of development




Partners in 26 countries


Experts for you

What do clients say?

Robert Zavacky project management testimonial-CEO-Become Ltd

Robert Zavacký

Become Ltd., Slovakia

"Easy Redmine theme meets all our requirements and have nice & user-friendly interface that just simplifies our project and process management."

Malcolm Mead testifies to Easy Redmine

Malcolm Mead

The Mead Group, Inc., USA

"It was one of the most stressful maintenance windows I've ever attended – and your EasyRedmine made it really, really smooth. A key element to our success! Congrats! Thank you!"

What do you get as a Partner?

Fast onboarding

Automated education for access at any time and simplified tanning 

Open ecosystem

Our partners can participate in the future development of the open-source platform

Support 24/7

100+ experts ready to help you or your clients to get out of our solutions

Fair commission

Partner commission is granted from yearly maintenance renewals

Attractive margins for partners 


Services go to you

Up to 40%

Of license revenues


Identical commission plans for cloud and server solutions 

Easy Redmine has a history

Easy Redmine is an open-source project management solution with a long history that started in 2007 in Prague. EU is compliant with strong application experience. We are also open to co-development with strategic business partners.

  • 16 years of experience in the market
  • 300,000+ users worldwide
  • 80+ partners across the world
  • 100+ experts for support

Used by top market players

Jira migration success stories 

Data migration from Jira to Easy Redmine: Case study of Aspecta

Date of implementation:

December 2022 – May 2023


Slovakia, Bratislava



Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Cloud team

This case study delves into the pivotal challenges faced by Aspecta, the objectives outlined in their tender documentation, and the ultimate shift to Easy Redmine.

Read more

Case Study - Oxford Instruments NanoScience


Nanotechnology Research

Date of implementation:

October 2019 


Abingdon, United Kingdon 

Number of users:


Departments using Easy Redmine:

Business Systems Support Team, Engineering, Sales, Service, Commercial, Supply Chain 

In this case study we provided the history of how In October 2019, Oxford Instruments NanoScience embraced transformation, replacing an outdated system with Easy Redmine. With 200 users across diverse departments, the challenges included an unsupported legacy system. 

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Redmine blog – articles, tips & news

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Jira Server ends undefined: What options do you have?

Atlassian is a market leader in the project management software industry, with a wide range of popular tools that are used by millions of people around the world. As a market leader, Atlassian has a strong position in the market and can often dictate the direction that its products take. This can include making changes to its tools that are unpopular with some users, such as moving from a Server model to a cloud-based model.

While moving to a cloud-based model can bring many benefits, it can also be disruptive for organizations that are used to the Server model. This can be especially true not only for larger organizations that have significant investments in on-premises infrastructure and processes but also for anyone with a smaller user base.

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Explore new opportunities with Easy Redmine: One vendor for fulfilling all the requirements of your clients

As an esteemed Atlassian partner, your goal is to provide top-notch solutions to your clients. With the upcoming changes at Atlassian, including the cessation of Server support, many Jira users may face tough decisions.

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Bitbucket vs GitLab: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the realm of code repository platforms, Bitbucket is an often-used option. Are there alternatives to it? Today, let's compare Bitbucket with the enterprise open-source git repository Gitlab.

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