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What does REDMINE EASY GANTT look like
when implemented?

Redmine Gantt Plugin FREE by Easy Video 01

Redmine Gantt Plugin PRO by Easy Video 01

What Exactly Are The Features of  FREE EASY GANTT?

Organizations and Project Managers that use EASY GANTT Immediately Enjoy Improved Efficiency of Project Management and Planning thanks to the following feaures:

  • Drag & Drop Update of Tasks' timing (Start Date, Due Date, Duration, Completion)
  • Drag & Drop Update of Milestones' Timing
  • Drag & Drop Sorting of Tasks to Milestones
  • Tasks Relations with Delay
  • Zoom of Project Timeline (Days, Weeks, Months)
  • Step Back Button
  • Tasks Filters & Options Above Gantt
  • Compatible with Redmine 3.0+ Need Redmine upgrade to use new Easy Gantt? It is easy too!

Who Can EASY GANTT Help?

EASY GANTT helps IT Managers, Project Managers, and Small Business Owners unlock The True Power of their Open Source REDMINE software.


"This Gantt Plugin really works! It is easy to use & understand and that is what I expect. It saves my time in the project planning phase and provides me good overview during project realization. It is a must have for all Redmine users!"

Andrew Stovicek about Redmine Easy Gantt Plugin


What actually is a GANTT CHART?

Gantt chart is a type of bar chart, that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project. Modern Gantt charts also show the dependency (i.e., precedence network) relationships between activities.

iOS ANdroid compatible Easy Redmine small

Features of FREE and PRO Easy Gantt

 Redmine Gantt Free
FREE Easy Gantt
Redmine Gantt Pro
PRO Easy Gantt
  • Drag & drop update of tasks & milestones
  • Step back feature
  • Zoom of time line (days, weeks, months)
  • Redmine 3+ compatible
  • Filters and options over Gantt
  • Drag & drop tasks sorting to milestones
  • Tasks relations with delay
  • Baselines
  • Critical Path
  • New task & new milestone
  • Gantt of Project Portfolio
  • Parent-child tasks support
  • Filter delayed projects
  • Lowest progress tasks
  • Whole project move
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More about features of EASY GANTT PRO?

Gantt Baselines

In project management, a baseline is the project's original plan. This original plan is visualized in order to compare it to the current project plan.  Easy Gantt PRO offers this feature of highlighting the baseline plan. Baseline plan does not change when the schedule is edited. Redmine Gantt chart allows you to create more Baselines which thus work as the snapshots of the project plan.

Redmine Gantt Baselines

Critical Path

A critical path is a sequence of tasks that cannot be delayed or else the whole project would be delayed. Also it shows the shortest time that the project can be completed. A task within the project is considered critical if its due date can not be delayed since it would directly affect on the project completion date.

PRO Easy Gantt shows this sequence after clicking the button "Critical Path"

Redmine Gantt Critical Path

Gantt over Projects - Project Portfolio Gantt

You can easily manage your project portfolio using "Gantt over Projects" feature. This Gantt shows whole project in 1 bar while you can drag & drop it and thus change timing of the project. You can also drill projects into detail from here. Just clik on "+" icon next to the project name and see all the tasks and milestones - you can drag & drop these too.

This Projects Gantt also shows you weighted project completion based on real weight (estimated duration) of the tasks and thier % completion

Redmine Global Gantt Chart

Create new Task and Milestone in the Gantt

Pro version of Easy Gantt allows you to create new milestones and tasks right from the Gantt. You press "new item" and fill the form or drag mouse in the calendar to create new issue or milestone while planning the project.

Redmine Gantt New Issues and Milestones

Parent-child tasks visualization

Parent and child tasks are visualized in Pro version of Easy Gantt too. Parent tasks can drilled down to display their child tasks. 

Redmine Gantt Parent-Child Tasks Visualization

- Do NOT install plugins as a ROOT user
- First delete all old Easy Gantt plugins if exists (plugins/easy_gantt*)
- Copy all unzipped plugins into REDMINE_ROOT/plugins
- Run:
  $ bundle install
  (or bundle update)
  $ bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  $ bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
- Restart server

Requirements for successful installation

  • Redmine version: 3.2+
  • Ruby version: 2.1+ (recommended 2.3.)
  • Database type: MySQL (recommended), PostgreSQL

Follow installation procedure in #install. Verify whether the installation log doesn't contain any errors. If it does, try to solve it according to the description, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the error section of the log attached.

Bitnami is not tested nor guaranteed.

More about Easy Gantt plugin

Gantt Changelog

TaskFilter of baselines projects Done
BugBaselines Done
BugPRO nefunguje Done
Missing FeatureNew Issue pomocí ER fomuláře Done
BugBugs in pro PRO Gantt Done
Missing FeaturePrinting of relations Done
TaskGantt over all projects Done
New featureDrag & Drop sorting to milestons Done
New featureCritical Path Done
TaskPřipomínky 2 Done
TaskGantt debugging + deploying Done
BugER EASY Gantt isseus Done
New featureModule for visualization of Gantt on personal page Canceled
BugWrong delay move Done
TaskLinks from Free Gantt to web Done
TaskVideo in Project Free Gantt Done
TaskColours Legend Canceled
BugMilestone update not working Done
BugAll tasks easy gantt Done
TaskCritical Path - formula Done
BugDate of milestone - visualisation + creating new task Done
TaskVideo for PRO Gantt Done
New featureShow tasks Est / Spent Time rate - new buttton Canceled
New featureProject filter in Gantt over all projects Done
New featureCreating new tasks in Gantt Done
New featureOption for Dealy - any day / working day Done
New featureDue date of task is over mileston date Done
Task Editation after save error Done
New featureNotices in Gantt Done
BugEasy Gantt pro - a co kdyz nactu 5285 projektu? Done
New featureHide baseline project Done
TaskGlobal Gantt loads closed projects Done
BugMove of whole project in Global Gantt Done
BugRemove relations delay+1 Done
New featureSticky toolbar Done
TaskRedirection from Global RM query Done
TaskKeep zoom after save Done
BugCritical path display Done
BugOpen project in Global Gantt should not be dragable Done
TaskClass rename Done
BugMoved week numbers Done
Missing FeatureFinished tasks - visible in grey color at easy gantt Done
BugFirefox bug - no data loaded Done
BugMilestone update do not work Done
BugProjects do not show in Global Gantt Done
ChangeInline editation in Gantt table Canceled
TaskGlobal Gantt query Done
TaskProject filters in Gantt over all proejcts view Done
BugNew Milestone Focus Done
BugTooltips bug Done
BugMissing Legend for red tasks Done
New featureColapse / expand parent tasks button Done
New featureProject completion status bar in Global Gantt Done
BugSaved filter - 403 Done
Missing FeatureGlobální Gantt nezobrazuje plánované projekty Done
BugSearching and custom formatting not working in Easy Gantt Done
New featureProjektový Easy Gantt: možnost filtrovat projekty, které jsou ve skluzu Done
Missing FeatureShow task with lowest progress date Done
Change"follow" relation with negative value Done
DocumentationHide unused shared milestones on project Done
DocumentationSettings for Gantt Done
BugProject filter bug Done
BugRedmine EasyGantt: sort tasks to milestones does not work Done
BugRedmine: cannot move milestones and tasks Done
BugRedmine: edit ask is not possible for the first time Done
BugRedmine: functions are not working until baselines are on Done
BugRedmine EG: modicy left table with options does not work Done
DocumentationDon´t respect holidays Done
Missing FeatureFilter for delayed projects using JS Done
Missing FeatureDifferent statuses - different colours Done
BugEasy gnatt vs cross project subtasks Done
BugList of tasks is not coresponding with easy gantt structure Done
BugSaving filter in easy gantt saves the URL for old gantt Done
Missing FeatureEasyGantt show all, colapse all button Done
DocumentationRelations in Gantt Done
BugGlobal Gantt - Project Portfolio Management Done
DocumentationGlobal gantt - core feature Done
DocumentationOpen Milestones filter Done
New featureGlobal Gantt - show total per project Resource allocation Done
New featureSumm row for Project Gantt Canceled
New featureComparing of data from baseline Done
ChangeRelation moving, restrictions, adding checkbox Done
ChangeEasy Gantt setting - missing back button Done
ChangeRelation with minus lags Canceled
BugEasy Gantt in Project template doesn't show tasks Done
DocumentationTasks / projets coloring Done
BugParent- sub task connection removed in gantt
Parent- sub task connection removed in gantt
  • EP 2016.4 (2016-08-15)
  • Bug
  • Done


BugEasygantt filter- for subprojects- 404 Done
Bug 'Show avatars' doesn't work on Easy Gantt Done
BugUnable to save change if a filter is applied
Unable to save change if a filter is applied
  • EP 2016.5 (2017-01-04)
  • Bug
  • Done


BugEasy Gantt cf issue
Easy Gantt cf issue
  • EP 2016.5 (2017-01-04)
  • Bug
  • Done


BugImposible to create milestone in EasyGantt (EP 2017)
Imposible to create milestone in EasyGantt (EP 2017)
  • EP 2016.5 (2017-01-04)
  • Bug
  • Done

fixed in version 2016.5.5


Gantt Roadmap

New featureGantt moving with parent task Done
New featureWBS visualization using MindMap JS Canceled
TaskParent - childs visualization for WBS Done
New featureDemo Data - Gantt over all project Done
BugDefault delay při vytvoření vazby Done
New featureGantt - jump to today Done
TaskDemo Data Done
TaskDefault columns Done
BugRelation over sceen Done
New featureTask detail in new tab Done
New featureDefault options fields Done
Bug2 vazby na 1 úkolu - nefunguje Done
New featureLeft table - width modification Done
BugView after save Done
TaskButtons improvement Done
BugInvalid link type Done
BugMilestones sorting - drag & drop Done
TaskLangfiles update Done
New featureRoles and permissions Done
TaskEasy_gantt_resource plugin Done
New featureTotal project's allocation Done
New featurePrint tunning Done
DocumentationProject Priority field Done
BugEasyGantt bar jumping Canceled
New featureProject fields in Global Gantt Filter Done
BugRedmine: Setting of working and non-working days does not work Done
BugBUG: Easy Gantt Pro coworkers Done
TaskToolbar for additional tools Done
New featureSort Order Easy Gantt Done
New featureProjects Finances in Global Gantt Done
New featurePlanning mode - no emails send Done
New featureSum of Project Portfolio allocations in Global Gantt Done
New featureEasyGantt following issues Done
New featureCant display cross project realtions on a gantt chart Done
New featureEasy Gantt: moving the tasks with follow relations Done
New featureNew relation - "Related to" Done
New feature"Colapse / expand all" for project level Done
BugExport on Gantt Done
Missing FeatureEditing the status and assign field in Easy Gantt Done
New featureFilter delayed tasks Done
ChangeTasks move with milestone Done
New featureParent - child task behavior setting Canceled
TaskUX design Done
BugShared Milestone in subprojects - tasks do not work Done
ChangeColapse / expand Projects / Parents / Milestones Done
New featureParent - Child task dependency behaviour Done
ChangeDependency Enabled - no move of parent Done
BugBug - "email contains" in Redmine RM does not filter users
Bug - "email contains" in Redmine RM does not filter users
  • Easy Gantt 1.8
  • Bug
  • Done

fixed in version 1.8

BugEasyGantt export menu Done
ConsultingExport Easy Gantt -> pdf Done
Missing FeatureEasy Gantt as Homepage modul Done
Missing FeatureFiltering by project team member Done
New featureCritical path task filter Done
TaskEasy_issue#form_fields without error description Done
New feature"fix task date" Canceled
BugDefault Filter Easy Gantt Done
New featureCash Flow for project level Done
New featureGantt improvements
Gantt improvements
  • EP 2016.6 (2017-03-31)
  • New feature
  • Done
  • Page module for Easy Gantt on project overview
  • New task is created with attributes according to where you are dragging in gantt (under a milestone, in a subproject, as a subtask)
  • Separated permissions for global gantt and project gantt
  • Unnecessary relations are hidden in gantt (duplicates, copied from)
  • Cashflow on global gantt is available on individual projects as well
  • Horizontal scrollbar on the bottom is sticky - useful with gantt above many projects or many tasks
BugEasy Gantt project filter - options
Easy Gantt project filter - options
  • EP 2016.6 (2017-03-31)
  • Bug
  • Done

Removed non-working output options (tiles, calendar) in easy gantt.

Build fixed: 2016.06.00

BugWrong label on Easy Gantt - 'Start date' is used instead of 'Due date'
Wrong label on Easy Gantt - 'Start date' is used instead of 'Due date'
  • EP 2016.6 (2017-03-31)
  • Bug
  • Done

fixed in version 2016.6.

BugAfter changing milestone by context menu in Easy Gantt "Save" is not possible
After changing milestone by context menu in Easy Gantt "Save" is not possible
  • EP 2016.6 (2017-03-31)
  • Bug
  • Done

fixed in version 2016.6

ChangeEasy Gantt export
Easy Gantt export
  • EP 2016.6 (2017-03-31)
  • Change
  • Done

Improved export in Easy Gantt.

  1. Allows to save as PDF
  2. Has own printable template
  3. Possibility to add own custom printable templates

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