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Drag & Drop Redmine Gantt Plugin makes planning and update of projects easy as never before. More than 30,000 downloads.

Compatible with Redmine 4 & Ruby on Rails 5

100% Open Source

Faster planning and better work management

With Easy Gantt plugin for Redmine you can plan and adjust timing using drag & drop, create issues, versions, relations, sub-issues.

There are also advanced features of PRO version as Critical Path, Baselines and Global Gantt with drag & drop update of whole projects.

Planning of your projects can be now easy as never before – faster, more visualized and synchronized.

Features of Free and Pro Easy Gantt

Free Easy Gantt 

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Pro Easy Gantt

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Drag & drop update of issues & versions
Step back feature
Different timeline views (days, weeks, months)
The list of problematic issues
Filters and options over Gantt
Parent-child issues support
Issue relations with delay
Critical Path highlight
Baselines (project plan snapshot)
New issue & new version
Global Gantt of all projects
Drag & Drop of whole projects
Filter delayed projects
Lowest progress issues
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100% Open Source Plugin / GNU GPL 2 License / 1 Redmine Instance / Unlimited Users / Unlimited Projects

Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 4.x.

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More about features of Easy Gantt PRO?

Gantt Baselines

In project management, a baseline is the project's original plan. This original plan is visualized in order to compare it to the current project plan. Easy Gantt PRO offers the feature of highlighting the baseline plan. Baseline plan does not change when the schedule is edited. Redmine Gantt chart allows you to create more Baselines, which thus work as the snapshots of the project plan.

 Last update: Working with huge projects has been optimized in the plugin.

Critical Path

A critical path is a sequence of issues that cannot be delayed or else the whole project would be delayed. Also, it shows the shortest time that the project can be completed. A issue within the project is considered critical if its due date can not be delayed since it would directly affect the project completion date. PRO Easy Gantt shows this sequence after clicking the button "Critical Path".

Last update: versions are shown in print version.

Gantt over Projects - Project Portfolio Gantt

You can easily manage your project portfolio using "Gantt over Projects" feature. This Gantt shows the whole project in 1 bar while you can drag & drop it and thus change the timing of the project. You can also drill projects into detail from here. Just click on "+" icon next to the project name and see all the issues and versions - you can drag & drop these too. This Projects Gantt also shows you weighted project completion based on real weight (estimated duration) of the issues and their % completion.

Last update: issue relation delay is counted only for workdays now.

Create new issue and version in the Gantt

Pro version of Easy Gantt allows you to create new versions and issues right from the Gantt. You press "new item" and fill the form or drag mouse in the calendar to create new issue or version while planning the project.

Last update: The design of the plugin has been overall improved.

Parent-child issues visualization

Parent and child issues are visualized in PRO version of Easy Gantt too. Parent issues can be drilled down to display their child issues. 

IPMA & PMI standards compatible

SHINE Consulting Ltd.- holder of accreditation of the Project Management Training Program “Project Management in Practice” (International Standard IPMA) and is also a member of the PMI R.E.P. Registered Education Provider. **The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

How do users see it?

Vladimir Zarov testifies to Easy Redmine

Vladimir Zharov

Senior Consultant
Awara IT Solutions, Russia

"Easy Redmine met our needs out of the box. The product is feature rich and the price is low compared to products with similar features. We are satisfied with the performance of the product and would not hesitate to choose it again."

Elmar Branch testifies to Easy Redmine

Elmar Branch

Managing Director
Minkenberg Medien GmbH, Germany

"We use Easy Redmine to simplify our work in managing projects. We made a few tweaks ourselves to this Open source application but we are overall very satisfied."

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Easy Redmine is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade. Combination of new mobile design with useful plugins & features will make you enjoy your project management, improve communication & user experience and save your time. It is extensible with plugins for Resource, Agile, Finance, CRM, Help Desk and more.

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Installation & upgrades of Redmine Easy Gantt Plugins

How to install any Redmine plugin - easy step by step tutorial

  1. Do NOT install plugins as a ROOT user
  2. First, delete all old Easy Gantt plugins if exists (plugins/easy_gantt*)
  3. Copy all unzipped plugins into REDMINE_ROOT/plugins

Requirements for successful installation

  • Redmine version: Compatible with Redmine 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 4.x.
  • Ruby version: 2.3+ (recommended 2.6.)
  • Database type: MySQL (recommended), PostgreSQL

Follow installation procedure in #install. Verify whether the installation log doesn't contain any errors. If it does, try to solve it according to the description, or contact with the error section of the log attached.

Installation on Bitnami

Bitnami is not tested nor guaranteed. If the installation fails, run manually:

$ bundle update
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake redmine:plugins:migrate

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Gantt documentation / knowledge

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